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Roman Holiday

When I began to research the wonderful Tribal Male site for review purposes, I really wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of content. Promoted as essentially a time capsule of re-stored gay extreme hardcore S&M films from the late ‘60s thru the early ‘80s, I braced myself for lots of leather and some silly, dated action. What I didn’t expect was a fascinating journey to the origins of gay porn, not just limited to cliched S&M shenanigans, and a gateway to some timelessly sizzling films. One in particular was surprisingly riveting and tremendously arousing: Centurians of Rome. (The producers either failed to notice the misspelling of “Centurian”, or didn’t give a fuck.)


Tribal Male’s simple description of the film sums it up nicely: “This blockbuster epic tells the tale of Roman countrymen sold into slavery during Caligula’s reign. 31 luscious men sprawl across the screen in their passionate fight for freedom and man-love.”

And a blockbuster it is by porn standards at the time (1981), with a production budget of nearly $100,000. It’s one of those rare feature length porn films that you actually find yourself NOT wanting to fast forward to the sex scenes. Sure the dialogue and acting aren’t exactly Oscar-worthy but they are easily good enough to keep you interested, wanting more. Even better, it’s also the kind of porn film that once a sex scene is over, don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to re-watch it almost immediately.

There’s no shortage of men (and nice dicks) in this film but the one (man, not dick) that stood out for me most is bearded stud, George Payne, who plays Demetrius, one of the dudes forced into a life of slavery and in Payne’s case, the role of the Emperor’s next boy toy.

Payne’s rugged appearance, wavy brown (or is it black?) hair and modestly but nicely defined body make for some pleasing eye candy. Even better is his cock, the perfect size for taking to the back of one’s throat; and his balls, just begging to be licked and sucked….oops, I’m getting a little carried away here. Sorry about that. : )

But what I found most appealing about Payne was the fact that for the majority of the film he’s in shackles or tied up, helpless to defend himself against the sexual advancements of others. And while he stares at his hungry, horny attackers with contempt in his eyes, his cock loves every minute of the servicing it’s getting. What a turn-on; but I can’t decide if it’s because I place myself in the position of Payne, or in the position of his attackers.

Who knew that I could find bondage to be so arousing? And who would have expected for this apparently sudden awakening to come as the result of a site with a film nearly 30 years old as part of its content.

What can I say? Tribal rules.



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