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Odds and Evans

Although Captain America isn’t set for release until July 2011, the current issue of Entertainment Weekly is already out of the hype gate with its “exclusive first look” at the hoped for blockbuster. And after reading the EW article, I have some doubts about whether this super hero will have what it takes to rule next summer’s box office. Don’t get me wrong, I do want the film to succeed, primarily because its star is Chris Evans, an actor who is as talented as he is super studly.

CHRIS EVANS: Hair today...

CHRIS EVANS: Hair today...

For me, Evans unfortunately falls into that category of either being the best thing in an otherwise forgettable film (Fantastic Four, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) or the best thing in an under-rated film (The Losers, Sunshine); which is why I’m hoping that he’ll be the best thing in a film that finally, simultaneously garners him both the critical and commercial attention he really deserves. The question remains: will Captain America be the vehicle that takes him there?

...gone tomorrow!

...gone tomorrow!

I’m not exactly a comic book geek but I do remember thinking as a teenager that Captain America was a name as ridiculously patronizing as it was patriotic, and that his red, white and blue uniform was a total fashion faux pas. In other words, neither name nor attire was particularly memorable. So how can that drab combo successfully transfer to the screen?

I guess that’s where Chris Evans comes in. There’s no doubt that even prior to beefing himself up even further for the role of Captain America, he already has a body worthy of, among other things, super hero status. And like his role of Johnny Storm in The Fantastic Bore—er, I mean Four, Evans will be shirtless (but sadly, smooth-chested) at least once in Captain America. That should keep both fags and their hags happy!

The film is set in action film familiar World War II territory which could actually work against it with younger generations but if the action is plentiful and the plot entertaining, then setting becomes secondary.

I’m also old enough to remember the director (Joe Johnston) of Captain America’s other attempt at a superhero film (possible franchise?), The Rocketeer, back in 1991 but I’m also not so provincial in my thinking to conclude that he didn’t learn anything from that experience. Not that it was a bad movie, just mildly disappointing.

Most importantly, I’m also not so arrogant as to jump to any conclusions about Captain America based on my initial reaction to one magazine article. I’m excited to see the movie’s trailer, which has yet to be released, and will wait a while before wagering an official guess on how successful or not I think the film will be.

Until then, I guess all I can do is continue to hope that this movie becomes Chris Evans’ breakthrough role…and to search the internet for as many shirtless photos of the actor as possible.



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