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marco-wilson-2Marco Wilson has come a long way following his arrival on the porn scene barely a year ago. Named one of three finalists for the Face of Men at Play’s Model Search, since September 2009 Marco has appeared in 6 memorable clips on the hugely successful, immensely addictive suit sex site. With the conclusion of his exclusive contract with Men at Play and his highly anticipated final clip set for release soon, what better time to get up close and personal with the sexy and charming porn star.

Sir Randy: So let’s get right into the question on everyone’s mind: With the completion of your exclusive contract with Men at Play, what’s next for Marco Wilson?

Marco Wilson: This last year and a half has opened my eyes to what I can do. I’ve had a blast working for Men at Play, but it’s time to move on. I’m in talks with an agent so hopefully by next year I will have worked with other reputable Porn studios. Either that or all the work will dry up and I’ll be washed up before I’m 30. [Laughs] Let’s wait and see.

SR: How would you describe your time with Men at Play?

MW: It’s literally flown by; from the competition to where I’m at now. From someone who knew nothing about porn acting, apart from watching them, to now being in them, I took a risk.

The first time I went there, I was shitting myself thinking, “God, what if it’s some really sleazy place with some guy and a camcorder…?” But, fortunately, it couldn’t be further from the truth. All the guys who work there are genuinely nice people, and we always have a laugh. So in that respect I’m lucky. I feel they take a genuine interest in my welfare and where I’m going with all this. Plus they always find hot models for me to have sex with. They will probably read this and think, “What have we created?” [Laughs]

SR: Which scene are you the proudest of, and why?

MW: I swear, I’m forever picking fault in how I am in them. And my fella is always telling me off for being so critical of myself. I guess my first one, Marco’s Welcome, because I was so nervous but I think I pulled it out of the bag. It helped that Jay Roberts was hot and also a top guy. Looking back though, I’ve had a laugh on all of them. And that’s really important to me; keeps me relaxed. Which one’s your favorite, you naughty boy? [Laughs]

photographed by Leigh Carter

photographed by Leigh Carter

SR: Some athletes are known to abstain from sex a few days (or longer) before an important match. Does that apply to you when you’re prepping for a film shoot?

MW: My balls ache by the time I’m ready to shoot. I try to hold my…spunk. Is that an okay word for it? Anyway, I keep it for 5-7 days. I like to paste the other model like I’m decorating a wall. [Laughs]

SR: Do you have any input on who your scene partner will be?

MW: No, but they do e-mail me a picture and the name of the model. I trust them, I know that they won’t be getting a fugly to hover over my cock; but being the gentleman I am, I would still oblige. [Laughs] Okay, that’s a joke. I am picky. Honest.

SR: Do you watch your own Men at Play clips? If so, usually more than once?

MW: Yes. I define the word “cringe” to a tee. It’s a laugh in itself watching me watch myself rooting some guy. [Laughs] But my fella always watches them first; it’s just one of our things. But when I watch it I’m like, “Shit. Next time hold your gut in.” I’m very critical of myself. But I think to watch them helps me to improve it for the next time. I’m still learning.

SR: What’s the biggest laugh you’ve experienced on set?

MW: The last film I made, which is waiting to be released, was so funny. It’s got some comedy bits in it. In the script, I’m showing this Italian guy around the office and he doesn’t understand a word I’m saying. So basically I take the piss out of him; saying things like, “Ohhh yeah. I’m gonna ram your ass. I bet you love it up the bum”, etc…

Obviously the guy does understand but pretends not to. You have to watch it to understand, I guess. We even got the owners of Men at Play, Andy and Adrian, on the set. And they mock acted a bit of the scene. It was so funny. Nothing rude, of course. They are naturals. I’m laughing now thinking about it.

SR: In addition to Men at Play, there appears to be no shortage of top notch sites based in the U.K. Are you interested in contributing to any one site in particular?

MW: I’m open to any suggestions. I want to be known around as a top Brit porn actor, here or abroad. I’m happy to work with anyone who’s got a good reputation and looks after their models. I’m doing for England. Literally. [Laughs]

SR: Does breaking into the North American market hold any appeal for you?

MW: For me, that’s the goal. I have a mini-plan in that little brain of mine of what I want to do and where I want to be. And America is in there as one of my main goals. I do want to make it to the top of my profession, but I know how competitive it is. But I’m a very determined, hard-working guy.

SR: Do you plan on your porn career being a short or long-term thing?

MW: 12 inches long term, to be precise. Sorry, I couldn’t help it. I’m all smut. Okay, seriously I think long term. I hope it’s long term. It’s a very addictive industry to be in and now I have the taste for it, I want it to carry on.

SR: You’re openly gay. When did you come out and how easy or difficult was that for you?

MW: This is such a long story so I’ll give you the facts. Always known I was gay. At 15, the last year of secondary school, some girl I trusted and told outed me. And boy did I get some shit for it. I’m not going to turn this into a sob story but it was a really bad time for me.

I still did not admit to being gay at this point. But then I left school and went to a Sixth form college; which was great. People were more understanding on the whole. You still had your big mouth twats who would give it a bit of mouth. But by this time I learned to give as good as I got.

Then I met this guy who was a manager of a nightclub. I was 17 at the time. A good friend of mine introduced me to him. He was 40, openly gay, and I basically went to have some chats with him about my feelings. Which turned into more than just talks; usually over his desk. [Laughs]

I stupidly kept a diary; my mother read it. The news went down like a lead balloon. [Laughs] I moved out. And here I am today, happy with my boyfriend and living my dream. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had some great times in between the bad times; sneaking out of my bedroom at night, meeting guys, going to bars when I was younger. But that’s a whole different chapter.

photographed by Leigh Carter

photographed by Leigh Carter

SR: Have you ever had sex with a woman?

MW: Not sex as much, but there was this one girl I was kind of seeing at school. I think they call them ‘beards’, a cover up. [Laughs] Anyway, poor Gill. There we were at a party. I was so fucking drunk. We went into this bedroom, you know, to prove the point that I don’t like it up the Hershey Highway. So I start kissing her, put my hands down her pants; kind of cupped her, I don’t know what to call it, her pussy? Anyway, there I am cupping this wet, warm, slimy thing. The next thing you know, I throw up all over this woman’s bedspread and all over her carpet. At that point I knew it was time to call it a day with women. [Laughs]

SR: How would you describe your own sense of style?

MW: As in clothing? I don’t really have a style. Boots, tight t-shirt and jeans. Or a nice shirt with jeans. I spend a lot of my time in my gym shorts and a saggy vest top. If I like something, I buy it.

SR: If your Facebook page is any indication, you have quite a loyal following; one which continues to grow. You must get some pretty bizarre messages sent your way.

MW: Oh yes, I certainly do. But it’s part of the territory with what I do. These are people that like what I do and it’s nice that they take the time to message me; even if it is about me masturbating in dress socks with a tie. [Laughs] So keep messaging me, guys.

SR: Do you get approached in public by fans? If so, what sort of lines do they open with?

MW: People have approached me, but nothing over the top. One guy said to me, “You can come help me with my taxes any day”.

I was like, “What are you on about, man? I can barely sort of out my own finances, let alone sort out yours.” Then it clicked; he was referring to my film, TAXED. I apologized, said I was drunk, had a cigarette with him, and we chatted for a while. Nice chap actually.

SR: And how do you feel about being approached by fans in the first place? Is it something you’re comfortable with?

MW: If I’m being honest, it’s usually on a night out and I forget what I do because I’m having a laugh and usually too into my own crowd. I don’t want to be one of those actors who is so into himself and is expecting people to know who and what he does. That would be my worst nightmare; thinking I’m something I’m not. I’m happy to talk with anyone who’s going to be friendly. I’m an easy going guy.

photographed by Leigh Carter

photographed by Leigh Carter

SR: Describe an ideal day for you; I mean, aside from one which includes chatting with me.

MW: Right now I’m sitting here at home. I’ve got tonsillitis but it’s given me time to do this interview, which is good. Okay, so my day: gym, food, lots of it, e-mail, trying to book photo shoots. I’m actually quite a boring guy on paper but I enjoy my evenings: chilling at home with my fella, the dog, a take-away and a DVD.

SR: What is your least favorite chore to do at home?

MW: Doing the garden initially. But once I get started I’m one of those people who will be out all day doing it.

And sorting the rubbish bins out.

SR: You and your fella have been together now for a number of years. How did you meet?

MW: Okay, so there I was, not in the mood to go out. My brother was back from active service in the Royal Marines—steady boys [laughs]—so he dragged me out with him and his mates. We went to this straight club. I lost my brother, he went off with some big bird to the beach; so I was just about to leave but decided to take a last look upstairs to see if he had come back in so we could get a taxi home.

I went through to the top bar and for some reason this guy caught my eye at the bar. So I literally stuck my hand out, shook his hand and asked him to buy me a drink; being a bit cheeky like.

He told me to “Fuck off, you get me one”. So I did.

I was not used to that response; usually guys bought me drinks. I liked that he was not a pushover. Six year down the road, we’re still together. He really does level me out. I used to be all over the place. He helps gain some control in my life.

SR: I understand you always try to wear something of your partner’s while filming a scene. What’s the first item of his that you borrowed? Is any item of his expressly off limits to you?

MW: I don’t get a say in what I wear on set, so it’s difficult to find something that’s not too obvious. Things like his underwear, or the silver wrist bracelet we both have. Just small things he knows about.

I would need to ask him if anything’s off limits. I wonder what he might say. I mean my clothes usually hit the deck in no time when filming. [Laughs]

SR: You’ll be turning 30 later this year. How would you describe your 20’s?

MW: Simply. Early 20’s were erratic; all over the place, fun but with no commitment. Late 20’s are more focused; a different kind of enjoyment. Less selfish, I guess, more friend and relationship oriented.

People might think I’m old before my time, but I’m happy with what I’ve got. I’m in a fortunate place now. I wouldn’t sustain a lifestyle like I did in my early 20’s now. It just would not be healthy.

SR: What are your personal hopes or goals for the next decade of your life? Where do you see yourself in ten years?

MW: That’s quite a way off for me to imagine. I would like to leave the U.K., maybe live in America or Australia. I see myself carrying on with the porn industry; who knows, maybe behind the camera directing. It will be interesting to see where I’m at 10 years down the road. I’ll look back at this and see if it’s accurate.

SR: Do you like answering questions or would you prefer to be the one asking them?

MW: I love asking questions, finding out about people. And as you can see, I love answering them. [Laughs] Anyone who wants to talk with me, I’m on Facebook or you can e-mail me at Cheers.

photographed by Leigh Carter

photographed by Leigh Carter

More of Leigh Carter’s photography can be found at



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