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Archive for March, 2010

Oscar Predictions, Part Two - The Not So Easy Ones

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

With every Academy Awards ceremony there are some categories where predicting the winner is simple, simple, simple and without any real research or homework required. This year, I think all of the acting categories fall, well, into that category.

But then there are categories where I might as well just close my eyes and blindly mark my ballot. That’s where research sometimes comes in handy (then again, sometimes not) and with any luck will separate me from the rest of the Oscar pool pack by correctly selecting a few winners that others do not. Randy is hungry for that Oscar (pool) gold.

A few blog entries ago, I placed my predictions for the “easy” categories. And now here are my selections for those categories that I am HOPING will win.

1. Best documentary feature – The Cove
2. Best documentary short subject – The Last Truck: Closing of a GM Plant
3. Achievement in film editing - The Hurt Locker
4. Best foreign language film – The White Ribbon
5. Best animated short film – A Matter of Loaf and Death
6. Best live action short film – The New Tenants
7. Achievement in sound editing – The Hurt Locker
8. Achievement in sound mixing – The Hurt Locker
9. Original screenplay – The Hurt Locker
My goodness, all but 2 of my predicted winners have “THE” at the beginning of the film’s title. Could I be on to something? (Or just “on something”?—ha ha)

I’ve also changed my mind where a couple of those aforementioned “easy” categories are concerned:

Achievement in cinematography – The Hurt Locker (instead of my original prediction of Avatar)

Achievement in makeup – The Young Victoria (instead of my original prediction of Star Trek)

Are you ready for Oscar night?



The Olyphant Man

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

I saw the new film, The Crazies, last weekend (before catching the heart-stopping, gold medal-on-the-line Olympics hockey game between teams Canada and U.S.) and must say I was really impressed with just how well done the remake of the 1973 George A. Romero horror flick is. Truthfully, until the reviews started coming in I didn’t even know that an original existed; now I’m curious to check it out. Anyway, aside from the generally positive reviews and an invitation from my dim sum pal to see the film, there was another reason I was curious to see the movie: its star, Timothy Olyphant. The name may not be recognizable now but hopefully in the next little while that will change and Timothy will be a 15-years-in-the-making overnight sensation.



From what I was able to uncover, the 42 year old actor (who looks about 30) has been on the scene since 1996. I think my first exposure to him was in the
“Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys” episode of my beloved Sex and the City television series. (I must re-visit that episode again soon…) He’s subsequently appeared in many other tv shows, including Deadwood (2004-2006) and more recently on the 2009 season of Damages and an admirable volume of motion pictures, too.

Despite an impressive body of work, I can only say that I’ve recently started to take notice of Olyphant’s movies. I was surprised to read that he was in the gay flick, The Broken Hearts Club (2000), a film that I saw when it was released but didn’t remember him being in it. Ditto for the film, Go (1999) and Scream 2 (1997). Could my memory be that bad?


It was last year, and on a plane no less, when I began to see Olyphant in a different light as I viewed his film, A Perfect Getaway, a nifty little thriller that went largely unnoticed when it was released theatrically last August ($23 million worldwide, $15.5 of it domestically) but definitely worth renting if you haven’t seen it. Not only was he ever so easy on the eyes, but charismatic and a good actor. I was intrigued.


In The Crazies, Olyphant heads into leading man territory and is triumphant in his role as the Sheriff of a small town whose citizens are stricken with insanity and then death after being exposed to a contaminated water supply. Timothy Olyphant has total screen presence.

While I wait for his next feature to be released, I just may start checking out his past efforts, starting with The Hitman (2007). Although panned by critics at the time, the film nonetheless went on to score almost $100 million worldwide.

So I guess you could say I’m crushin’ a bit on The Olyphant Man. Better late than never to discover talent, right?



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