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Archive for January, 2010

Incest is Best?

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

The taboo of incest is alive and well (viewed, I’m thinking) on Bel Ami On-line. For quite some time now I’ve been putting off watching the sibling sex scene between identical twins Milo and Elijah Peters, but this morning I decided to check out its for-me-at-least unchartered territory (primarily as a result of a friend insisting that I do, truth be known).



Even before the scene began, it was pretty clear that what Bel Ami is offering is afloat in controversial waters. In order to view the somewhat lengthy scene of brotherly love, the action can only be accessed via a different site other than Bel Ami ( due to “the strong opinions held by some”.

Let it be said that Milo and Elijah have pretty smokin’ bodies; however, their boyish faces with teen-esque complexions (if you know what I mean) don’t exactly do it for me at the moment. (Give ‘em another ten years and I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune.) Although the idea of seeing them have sex together was foreign (and a bit creepy) to me, I had already witnessed them display some unusual affection for one another in their scene with mega-hung Trevor Yates. But in that instance, their attentions were more focused on Yates’ huge cock and less on one another. No surprise there.

In their one-on-one scene, it’s a different story. There’s no special guest star to sandwich himself between the brothers; which for me at least makes a significant difference. Siblings sucking face is one thing but when things progress from that to cock-rubbing, cock-sucking, rimming and anal penetration, it really does feel like the circus has come (so to speak) to town. Granted when the video didn’t show the two gents’ faces (ie: the fucking scenes that are more concerned with showing some cock-in-ass action, vs. the faces belonging to each body part), the sex was pretty hot; but as soon as the scene included the faces of both twins as they sucked and/or fucked each other, whatever wood was in the midst of developing quickly softened like a stick of butter left outdoors in a heat wave.

It’s an interesting scene, I’ll admit that much. As awkward as it is to watch at times, the brothers clearly have an attraction to one another; but if you’re turned on by someone whose appearance is identical to that of your own, isn’t that the ultimate statement in narcissism?



I have nothing against siblings sharing their lovers (hello, Mangiatti Twins of Bound Gods!) but when the lover ends up being each other, I’d sooner read a good book then witness the family affair. I guess unless perhaps the siblings are adopted, for me incest is not best.



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