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Archive for August, 2009

District 9 a Distinct 10

Monday, August 17th, 2009

It seems kind of unusual for one of the best films of this (or any) summer to be released in mid-August but I for one am grateful that District 9 waited until this past weekend to land in theaters; otherwise, and largely thanks to big budget, big name, ultimately big disappointment blockbusters like Wolverine, this spectacular sci-fi movie from producer Peter Jackson may not have found the audience it deserves. It could very well have been lost in the summer’s cinematic shuffle. I’m so glad it wasn’t.

I’m admittedly terrible at providing neat synopses of films but IMDB’s sums up District 9’s storyline quite succinctly: “An extraterrestrial race forced to live in slum-like conditions on Earth suddenly find a kindred spirit in a government agent that is exposed to their biotechnology.” Sounds like a heartstrings-tugger (and to some extent it is) but don’t be fooled. Additionally it serves up some kick-ass action sequences, insane CGI effects AND provides the audience with a Hollywood summertime rarity: THOUGHT-PROVOKING ENTERTAINMENT. Simply put, District 9 delivers the goods on many levels. Go figure.



Speaking of figures, it’s fascinating to me how an amazing sci-fi action flick like District 9 could cost a mere (by Hollywood standards, at least) $30 million, something it easily made back in its first weekend domestically ($37.4 million), when in wrong—er, I mean other hands (and/or featuring an over-rated, over-priced star) it could have easily have had the same budget as other sci-fi summer options as Terminator Salvation ($200 million budget, a disappointing $125 million domestic box office) or one of my other unexpected fave flicks of the summer, Star Trek ($150 million budget, $256 million domestic box office). Even if District 9 “only” makes $100 million domestically, it will still be considered a big hit. It’s all about the bottom line…

It’s true that one of the refreshing things about District 9 is its ability to effectively tell a story without the assistance of a huge budget or big paycheck star; The Hangover ($35 million budget, $266 million domestic box office) is also a shining example of that. I’m reminded that the talent behind the camera (ie: screenwriters, directors, editors, cinematographers, composers, etc…) serves as much (sometimes even more) of a vital role than the so-called talent appearing on the silver screen.

I’m sure to some industry people that concept is as alien to them as the inhabitants of District 9.



Trying to be hard at work…

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

When I have to cut short an evening with friends in order to research or write my latest review for a site (or prepare a blog entry, for that matter), more times than not I am met with the rolling of eyes and some sarcastic comment about how “hard” my work must be for me. It goes without saying that most of my friends view my Sir Randy work as anything but that. And while it may be a labor of lust, to me it is work nonetheless; especially when I’m faced with the on-going challenge of discovering a hot site worth sharing with you.

Last night I sat down to begin my research on a new site only to discover that I had somehow exhausted the sites on my “next to review” list. Yikes. It’s not the first time that’s happened but when it does, it means one thing to me: I’m forced to explore the vast data base of both gay and straight websites which I share with my (much older, less attractive, not nearly as well-endowed) brother, Sir Rodney, in search of the next Men at Play or Sean Cody or, or etc…

Normally I am either approached by the actual sites to review them or somehow word gets to me through friends or associates about which sites might be worth checking out. And for most of 2009 I have been really blessed in that regard. For those of you familiar with the UPDATED and NEW REVIEWS section of the Sir Randy homepage, you’ll have noticed that it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a review for a site that really sucks (as in not in a good way). In fact, the past three sites I’ve reviewed have each (and rightfully so) been rewarded with a perfect score of 10: Bel Ami Online, C1R, and Cocky Boys.

Given the volume of sites to consider, it really is a needle in a haystack scenario where finding a worthwhile site is concerned. I’m considering a few as I write this but what really stuck in my mind last night was one of the straight sites I had a quick peak at: Freaks of Cock.

Not that this will come as any surprise, but there are some pretty bizarre straight porn sites out there: Blacks on Cougars, Food Bangers, and Gag That Granny to name a few (which, of course, isn’t to say that gay sites are immune to bizarreness). But Freaks of Cock, from what I could tell from the available trailers, is one worth sharing with you.

The premise is a familiar one: dude cruising the streets finds willing gals to suck and fuck with. The dude in question on Freaks of Cock is “O.G. Mudbone”, a not unattractive black dude with a…get ready for this…thick 14 inch cock. I know I’ve been going on a bit lately about guys with big dicks (maybe it’s the summer heat getting to me) but when I watched the trailers with action (including almost unbelievable cum shots) , all I could think of was whether or not a cock that size could be REALLY enjoyed by another guy. It certainly got me hard fantasizing about it but in all reality when push came to shove (so to speak), chances are it would be even too much for a hungry hole like mine to accommodate.

But it was a nice distraction though. Maybe I’ll review Freaks of Cock just for the hell of it. God knows my size queen friends will thank me for it.



So long, vay-cay…hello, so long!

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

In one way or another all good things come to an end; a recent example of that being my summer vacation: 2 weeks in beautiful B.C. (just before the interior sadly began to get ravaged by fire) followed by 5 more days in Montreal for that city’s Divers/Cite celebration of the LGBT community. Both holidays were filled with fun, familiar faces and new friends, but it didn’t take me very long to feel as if something so recent in occurrence was now but a distant memory. So what’s the remedy for a case of PHD (Post-Holiday Depression)? Evidently a trip to Bel Ami Online.

It had been a while since last I had visited Bel Ami and was recently invited to re-visit the site since there had apparently been some noteworthy changes made. I was intrigued by what I’d find that was new and improved—and then gobsmacked with my discovery of one of the models: Trevor Yates.



Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a size queen. Sure, I like to have something to work with both orally and anally but I’m not like an amusement park attraction where the cock HAS to be a certain size in order for me to take a ride on it. (Having said that though, neither am I a fan of the small cock—ha ha.)

Anyway, IF I was a size queen, the sight of blond cutie Trevor Yates’ monster (and uncut) cock would have me doing back flips of excitement. For what it’s worth, it may be the biggest cock I’ve seen on-line (or in-person for that matter). According to Bel Ami, it’s certainly among the Top 5 in recent years on that site. Makes me wonder who could possibly be bigger? (Names, damn it. I want names!)

It’s very clear from the numerous scenes that Yates appears in that (a) he’s a bit of an exhibitionist and (b) really enjoys sex. It truly is something to behold seeing him in action with another dude. So if you’re feeling a little of the late summer or post holiday blues, and need a not-so-little something to pick you up, check out Trevor Yates or any of the other gorgeous Eastern European studs at Bel Ami.



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