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Archive for April, 2009

Breaking A Brazilian Habit

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Some habits are hard to break; others just make you hard, I’m finding.  Lately, when in between posting my review of one site and beginning my “research” on the next, I’ve been allowing myself to make a bit of a detour to the pay-per-fection site  It goes without saying that it’s one of my favorite sites and therefore not too surprising that I like to check in on it from time-to-time to sample a clip or two from a hot flick.

Earlier today I decided to view a clip from the “Our Pick” selection of the MaleFlixxx homepage. The title of the movie is Obsession of D.O. and what intrigued me about it (even before checking out the scenes pics and descriptions) was the accompanying photo; not so much the unshaven, attractive D.O. in the foreground but a familiar face appearing in the background:  Brazilian super stud Rafael Alencar.


I first came upon Rafael (alas, not literally) back in March 2007, when I reviewed the delicious Xtra Inches site on which he was featured. Dude grabbed my attention immediately with his classic and luscious Latino looks, his tastefully placed tattoo, his smooth and muscular body, and (of course) a huge, uncut cock that has long (and rightfully) achieved legendary status. I had such a fag crush on this guy I’m surprised that I didn’t dedicate a couple of blog entries at the time exclusively to this South American god.  (I guess I had more restraint back than then I do now–ha ha.)

Anyway, it had been a while since I had seen him in action, so I decided to see what he’s been up to (at least in terms of his films) courtesy of MaleFlixxx.  First up was the aforementioned Obsession of D.O. (2006) and a scene featuring Rafael and (the very lucky) Mason Wyler in a setting that is almost entirely white, and in which Rafael stuffs his cock (eventually) into both ends of Mason.  It’s super hot and whet my appetite for more, more, more.

Next up was the aptly titled King Size (2008) and a scene with Ross Hurston, in which once again Rafael has his dick attentively worshipped by both Hurston’s mouth and equally hungry “other” hole. It’s a knee weakening session to watch (and fantasize about) that’s for sure.

It was only after watching another clip, this one from Parashooter (2003), that I decided I had better give Rafael a bit of a rest; even more so when I realized that he had a tempting total of 18 films featuring him on the  The remainder of his body of work will just have to wait until a later date for me to enjoy. And by “later” I, of course, mean until I have finished reviewing my next site.



Owen’s Owed

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Studly and talented Brit actor Clive Owen has already had two films released in 2009 and as far as either being an unqualified commercial hit, sadly he’s 0 for 2.  I don’t get it.



The International (with Naomi Watts) arrived in North American theaters back in February and six weeks later was pretty much gone. With a production budget of $50 million, to date it has only made around $47 million, and that includes both domestic and foreign box office.  Duplicity (with his Closer co-star, Julia Roberts) was released March 20 and has so far made back a little more than $49 million ($32 domestic, $17 foreign) of its $60 million production budget.  Chances seem slim that it will suddenly ignite at the box office any time soon; and that’s a real shame.

While I didn’t see the International, I did attend a screening for Duplicity and thoroughly enjoyed the flick. It’s an intelligently written con caper (clearly designed for the kind of adult audience who would prefer NOT to check its brains at the door), with a great cast and some extremely fun chemistry between the leads.  Instead of stalling around the $50 million mark, it really should be double that given its luminous star power.

But while Owen has all of the ingredients of a box office champ (handsome, charismatic, in command of pretty much any genre that he gets involved with, Oscar-nominated, that wonderful accent, etc…) his overall track record since I first saw him in the incest drama Close My Eyes (1991) has left me frustrated.

The man is not to blame though. Clive Owen has appeared in some great films (Croupier, Gosford Park, Sin City, Children of Men, are ones that I’ve seen and thoroughly enjoyed) but what frustrates me are the films that he’s made lately which seem like they should be instant hits but instead are not, especially in North America. Maybe not so much the period piece, Elizabeth: The Golden Age ($17 million domestic, $58 million foreign), but something with a title like Shoot Em Up should have easily made back its $39 million production budget at the North American box office, but didn’t ($13 million domestic, $14 million foreign).

Owen has definitely had his share of big hits but keep in mind that the last four films of his to make more than $100 million at the worldwide box office were released in 2004, 2005, and early 2006.  Since then, the seven films released starring him have fallen considerably short of that.

Perhaps not surprisingly, two of the next three projects Owen is attached to are sequels to two of his biggest hits: Sin City, and Inside Man.  Perhaps those films will serve as a reminder to audiences that Clive is owed a bigger chunk of the box office than he’s currently been given. 



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