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Archive for December, 2008

Sir Randy’s Top 10 Hot Sites of 2008

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

Can someone please tell me how it is that we are already at the end of 2008?  I swear, I don’t know where this year has gone.  Not that I’m complaining; it’s been a challenging one on a couple of levels and I for one am set to embrace 2009.  And so should you.

One important (and fun!) aspect of my life that was blissfully uncomplicated in 2008 was finding some of the hottest gay porn sites on the net and sharing them with you.  And of those sites I “researched” or revisited and then reviewed, I’ve narrowed them down to my top 10 of the year.

Here we go…

1.  Men At Play

2.  English Lads

3.  Sean Cody


5.  Suite 703 (Men Hard at Work, Hot Jocks Nice Cocks, My Brother’s Hot Friend)

6.  Randy Blue

7.  Hothouse Backroom

8.  College Dudes 247

9.  Latin Boyz

10. His First Huge Cock

And a few honorable mentions:  Hot Muscle Dudes, Ebony Knights, Perfect Guyz.

So check out my reviews, check out the sites …and then maybe treat yourself to a couple of new memberships in the New Year.

Wishing you a 2009 filled with good times off-line and the best bang for your buck on-line!



Sexy “Starter” Studs

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

I’m not a couch potato when it comes to my television viewing habits; for the most part if I miss an episode of a series it’s not the end of the world.  Life goes on.  But every once in a while, a show captivates me so that I find myself doing whatever I can in order to be in a position to watch it on the evening of its original telecast.  When that program is on, you won’t find me answering the phone, “researching” or writing about even the hottest of gay porn sites until the end of the episode.  “The Starter Wife” is such a program, and not just because the “Wife” in question is the lovely and oh so talented Debra Messing (yes, of “Will & Grace”—duh), who just recently received a Golden Globe nomination.  Fingers crossed that she wins!

Messing stars as Molly Kagan, “the ex-wife of a Hollywood entertainment mogul who transitions into a fabulous independent life after her divorce”.  The show is very well-acted (the cast also includes the always great Judy Davis), the writing exceptionally fun and witty, and the fantasy sequences (inspired by settings and scenes from past Hollywood films) are a total blast.  From a strictly gay and superficial perspective, the male members (so to speak) of the cast are four different flavors of studly deliciousness.

Where to begin, where to begin?  How about Toronto-born (and sadly straight) actor Chris Diamantopoulos, who portrays Molly’s gay interior designer friend, Rodney.  Sexy and sweet Rodney is paired on screen with Felix (one time pro football player dark stallion James Black), a closeted action movie star who gets it on (and off) with the very out Rodney.  There’s real chemistry between these two actors, and when the shirts come off and the action begins, fags can’t help but to be delighted, not to mention aroused, with the results.  Hot, hot, hot.

And speaking of hot, the ex-husband of “The Starter Wife”, Kenny Kagan (portrayed by David Alan Basche) is a charming, flirtatious dark-haired beauty that actually gets sexier with every scene he’s in.  I think I may be developing a crush on this devilish dude.

For those who like their meat a little more aged, Hart Bochner (who plays Molly’s novelist love interest, Zach McNeill) should fit the bill nicely.  Not that I would consider the age of 52 (which Bochner is) to be “old” but one thing is for sure: Hart Bochner is aging QUITE nicely.

“The Starter Wife” airs in the U.S. on the USA Network and in Canada on Showcase.  And while you may want to start with the wife, chances are you’ll want to finish with the ex-husband…or gay best friend…or closeted action movie star…you get the picture.



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