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Archive for November, 2008

From Sir With Love

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

If you’ve been following my recent blog entries–and if you haven’t, why the hell not? (ha ha)–you’ll know that I’ve been QUITE enjoying re-visiting and refreshing reviews of many of the sites which appeared on my Top 10 Sites of 2007 list. It’s nice to know that generally speaking, the quality of those sites has been maintained while the quantity of the content has increased. One that demonstrates this exceptionally (and I have to say, surprisingly) well is English Lads.

When I first reviewed it back in early August of 2007, I was instantly impressed with the thoughtful navigation and lovely load of “uncut amateur lads” on hand for one’s viewing pleasure. At the time, there were around 235 or so videos of the English gents (most notably, from a cock point of view, Matt Hughes and his 12” of manhood), as well as photo galleries. The only thing I experienced that wasn’t to my liking was the apparent inability to either fast forward or rewind a clip.

Not only has that one criticism been dealt with (thank you very much) but English Lads has done the unheard of by making an already wonderful site into something even better as it continues to add to its inventory of yummy models (nearly 300 to date), and 330+ videos containing solo or lad-with-lad action. Aside from Hughes and his massive meat, other notable studs worth checking out are Roger Hunter (that smile, those tattoos, that cock!), and Danny Boy (those playful eyes, that height, that cock!). But that’s just for starters, mind you.

Even the look of the site this time around struck me as more sophisticated and refreshed; and trust me, there wasn’t anything wrong with its appearance in the first place. I guess that’s the distinction between English Lads and so many other sites out there; Lads doesn’t rest on its laurels. It looks to the future with the intention of providing not only for its own needs, but more importantly for those of its members.

These English Lads are worth investing in.



And Justice For All

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

When I was very recently “researching” the site in order to refresh my review of it, I inadvertently came upon (so to speak—ha ha) a classic dick flick from 2006 entitled Justice. I found it so riveting, not to mention unbelievably arousing; I can’t stop thinking about it.

Cocking—er, clocking in at an epic 165 minutes, it features gay porn superstar (and cutie) Shane Rollins as some dude arrested for a crime that he didn’t commit…and as a result gets fucked (and sucked…and rimmed for that matter) by the justice system. Little did I know at the time of watching a single scene from the movie, but apparently I find the idea of sexual submission to an authority figure, and sex in a prison setting to be a total turn-on. Dare I say “rape fantasy”? (Although you can’t rape the willing, can you?)

At, you can either watch the entire film (for a reasonable $12.49) at once or check out individual scenes for considerably less. Noticing that bad boy stud Trevor Knight was featured in the film, I immediately tuned into his scene (#5) with cell mate Shane; my anticipation was heightened by the fact that their suck-and-fuck fest together earned a “Best Duo Scene” award at the 2007 Grabbys. It goes without saying that I was not disappointed; the sex between these two studs is among the hottest I’ve seen since I started reviewing gay porn sites.

That sizzling scene only whet my appetite for more Justice; next thing I knew I had watched all of the scenes (but oddly enough, completely out of sequence):

Scene 1 – Shane gets arrested and thoroughly interrogated by two very beefy cops.

Scene 2 – Shane is placed in the holding cell, where he “meets” 3 other (very horny and dominating) thugs.

Scene 3 – Shane is introduced to the lawyer (Ty Hudson) assigned to his case; the resulting meeting earned Justice the “Best Oral” award at the 2007 GAYVN awards.

Scene 4 – Set in the prison’s infirmary, Shane only briefly appears at the beginning of this scene before (a) being returned to his cell and (b) another prisoner is tended to by the on-duty doctor and his orderly. (BTW, what’s an 18 inch dildo doing in an infirmary?)

Scene 5 – This is the first one I watched and features Shane and Trevor. HOT, HOT, HOT.

Scene 6 – 18 months later, Shane is granted parole, just so long as he can meet the conditions presented to him by the three board members, and the ass-hungry bailiff. Will Shane finally see freedom? What do you think?

Scenes 7 and 8 – Consist of “fuck” and “cum” compilations from the film.

It’s worth mentioning that in addition to the awards already mentioned, Justice was also a 2007 Grabby winner in the following categories: Best Video, Best Actor (Shane Rollins), Best Director (Steven Scarborough), and not surprisingly People’s Choice.

By watching this flick, I found out the pleasure that can be experienced when justice is served. Find out for yourself what I mean by checking out Justice at



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