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Archive for July, 2008

Mad About Men

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Whether it’s a good or bad thing, there’s a lot to be said for timing. Take yesterday, for example. I was “working” hard at my desk doing some “research” when for whatever reason I felt like having some sound in the background other than the two guys sucking and fucking away on my laptop; after all, I wouldn’t want my neighbors to get the wrong idea (ha ha). So I decided to turn on the television, not really knowing what to expect to find as far as selection was concerned on a Sunday afternoon.

Lo and behold if I didn’t hit a surprise jackpot: AMC was broadcasting the entire first season of its massively critical hit (16 Emmy Nominations), Mad Men. Even better, the episode that was currently playing as part of this 13 hour marathon was the last one I could recall seeing. That’s the good news. The sort of bad news was that the episode in question was episode 5; meaning that if I was so inclined, there were 8 more hours of prime TV opportunity for me to cash in on. Needless to say, it didn’t take me long to be “so inclined” (or rather, so reclined, as the case may be).

Mad Men is one of those rarities on television that oozes the kind of originality that is entertaining, mesmerizing and edgy. The one thing that immediately struck me when I first watched it wasn’t just how many of the characters were smokers—practically everyone, for the record—but how frequently and where the smoking took place. Primarily set in a Madison Avenue advertising agency and beginning in 1960, everyone in the workplace is lighting up constantly. There’s no need for taking a smoke “break” on the sidewalk with your colleagues when you can suck back a Lucky Strike cigarette right there at your desk!

And outside of the workplace, it’s even more excessive (dare I write “decadent”?). As someone who is more of a smoker than not—but trying desperately to return to the days of smoking “in moderation”—I have to say I found it equally amusing and horrifying (not to mention tempting) to watch people smoking in bed, or on the train, or the pregnant friend enjoying a cigarette with her cocktail, or for the family doctor to be smoking while consulting with his patient. The only characters on the show who weren’t smoking were the children…and family dog. It’s just a matter of time before that changes, I’m sure.

But the fact that this show is “smoking” isn’t why I find it so appealing. (But while on the topic of “smoking”, the show’s lead, Jon Hamm is definitely that, as well as being sexy and mysterious.) The writers have created characters and storylines you just can’t help but to be interested and invested in, made even better by the fantastic ensemble cast.

And the great thing about staying up until 1 AM watching the balance of Mad Men’s first season is that now I’m all set for season 2, which just so happens to premiere this Sunday night on the AMC network. Will I be working that night? Are you mad?



A Knight to Remember

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

So I checked out The Dark Knight on Friday and was (gratefully) impressed by what the latest Batman flick had to offer. Even more so than Batman Begins (2005), the tone of TDK is, well, quite dark. Christian Bale, hands down the definitive on-screen Batman in my opinion, returns as the Caped Crusader, beefy, convincing and quietly charismatic as ever in a complex role. Unfortunately—to the disappointment of gay men and straight women everywhere–there aren’t any scenes of the studly actor walking around shirtless for extended periods of time; there is one scene at the beginning of the film, but it’s more a glimpse of his battered and bruised back. I guess to ask for a scene of him getting out of the shower and toweling off for a couple of minutes wouldn’t have exactly moved the storyline along…oh well, I’ll just have to keep that fantasy alive in the theater of my imagination.

The rest of the cast is just as impressive: Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, and pretty much the lone female in the movie, Maggie Gyllenhaal (taking over the role of Rachel Dawes that Katie Holmes created in Batman Begins).

And then there’s Heath Ledger, whose performance as the maniacal, psychotic and just plain deranged Joker is an intensely creepy sight to behold and completely worthy of the early Oscar buzz it’s been generating. I love the fact that the audience isn’t really given a back story as to how the Joker became who he is, just that he is who he is and sort of just appeared out of nowhere to wreak havoc on Gotham City. Ledger commands the screen in every scene that he appears, and the audience quickly realizes that wherever the Joker is, violence and destruction is not far off. It’s a great and mesmerizing performance by a gifted actor.

The boxoffice projections for the $180 million movie are anything but dark. Estimates for Friday alone have The Dark Knight grossing a record breaking $66.4 million. The current record holder for a single day gross is (the vastly inferior) Spider Man 3, which back in 2007 took in $59.8 million in its first day.

Looking ahead at August releases, The Dark Knight appears to be the last of the big summer blockbuster films; clearly a case of saving the best until last.



Collin O’Neal Retires From Performing

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

Ever since I first reviewed Collin O’Neal’s sizzling site back in March of 2007, I have been a big (and horny) fan of the man and his growing body of work. (My, doesn’t that sound naughty?–ha ha) So you can imagine my disappointment and softness–er, I mean, sadness, when news of O’Neal’s decision to retire from performing in front of the camera landed in my e-mail’s IN box.

The following is not only the retirement statement but also provides a nice history of O’Neal’s admirable career. Have a read and then be sure to pay the man a visit at his hot site.




Collin O’Neal, well known for being a masculine power top, has decided to retire from performing in front of the camera. “I just think now is the time to focus on working behind the camera since I feel I created a porn aficionado base that is not focused on me being in front of the camera but rather the hot new guys I find to perform for me from all around the world” says Collin. O’Neal started his porn career back in 2003 as an exclusive for HotHouse with Skuff II being the first movie he performed in with his ex boyfriend Arpad Miklos whom introduced him to the porn industry. After ending a one year exclusive contract Collin performed for Falcon, Chi Chi La Rue, Rascal Video, Raging Stallion, and Titan to name a few. “I didn’t do too many movies since I was very picky about my scene partners. I also had a full time job and attended night classes for my Masters, so I didn’t have a lot of time nor motivation to do a ton of movies.” Even though Collin did not make too many movies, Hot House owner Steven Scarborough really pumped up his image and marketed him aggressively. “I really have to thank Steven for making such a large star out of me” adds Collin.

After using his porn proceeds to buy a condo, Collin joked to his best friend Rich Richards one day while doing heavy remodeling on the condo about starting his own porn website. Rich didn’t laugh away the idea, but rather gave a very serious stare back at Collin and said “yes, let’s do it.” “I was just joking at first, but I knew I would need massive capital to start the company. Rich and I immediately stepped up the remodeling efforts and put the condo on the market to raise the necessary funds” says Collin. In 2005 Collin formed Collin O’Neal Productions, started shooting scenes amidst the construction of his condo, eventually sold it and moved to London to shoot more scenes. “London is a huge melting pot of people from around the world so I was filming with all kinds of guys and that is when the idea of ‘World of Men’ popped into my head” added Collin.

Collin eventually moved back to Miami to focus on marketing his website,, and by chance met Chris Ward of Raging Stallion Studios when Francois Sagat requested him to be his scene partner. “Really, who would say ‘no’ to topping Francois Sagat” adds Collin. The day after filming with Francois, Chris Ward called Collin and asked him to have lunch. “Chris never told me what he wanted to talk to me about, but I was more than willing to delay my flight by one day to meet with him” says Collin. The meeting at a Thai restaurant near Raging Stallion Studios led to an immediate DVD distribution deal for Collin’s previously web only content. A few months later Collin started filming Lebanon with the financial backing of Raging Stallion. “I always wanted to film in Lebanon. I lived there for one year and I knew how gorgeous the potential model pool would be. I also had the crazy idea of filming in a bombed out building and messy Lebanese kitchen, but I could have never done it with out the financial backing of Chris Ward” adds O’Neal.

After the huge success of Lebanon which also included winning prestigious awards such as Best Pro-Amateur release at the GAYVN’s and Best Videography at the Grabby’s, Collin O’Neal’s World of Men series was well on its way to becoming a desirable brand within the porn industry. In addition to winning awards as a director and videographer, Collin also, after being in the industry for 4 years, was granted Best Cock by the Grabby’s in 2007. “It was all so much for one year. I was blown away for winning studio awards, but I also was proud of the industry recognizing my work as a performer after 4 years” adds Collin.

World of Men was created when Collin decided to take Raging Stallion Studios off his uniquely produced and directed DVD line. “I had a huge ego problem. Rich and I were working very hard on our own products and I really wanted the recognition, not just the financial gains” says Collin. O’Neal already started his company as Collin O’Neal Productions, but wanted to brand his DVD line with a more fitting name. “I had an ego problem, but not a massive ego problem. I knew I had to come up with a name that represented my work, not my ego” adds Collin. O’Neal settled on the name World of Men for his DVD line and started to replace Raging Stallion Studios with World of Men on his 3rd release Miami shot in his home town and featured the first ever release with Roman Ragazzi. “Chris warned me about replacing Raging Stallion with World of Men. He thought retailers and consumers would not order a non Raging Stallion product, but my ego needed validation over my bank account being fed” says Collin.

After successfully creating a new DVD line, World of Men, Collin continued to move forward with an aggressive business plan with his sights set on self distribution and finally parting from the already loose relationship he had with Raging Stallion Studios. “I fought with Collin. At times pots and pans flew across the apartment aimed at me, but Collin never lets up. He had one last conversation with our good friend Chi Chi La Rue while on a cruise ship in the middle of the Mediterranean and when he hung up, his foot went solidly down on the self-distribution issue” adds Rich Richards. Over the past few months Collin and Rich hired Scott Boardman to head distribution and finally released Serbia as their first self-distributed title under World of Men last week.

Now that Collin O’Neal created a successful company that is not necessarily based on his image nor performance he feels it is time to retire from performing. “Over the past year I have invested a great deal of time managing my business and learning to work the video camera and less time at the gym. I just do not feel so good about my body in addition to meeting a special person that is not comfortable with me performing, so I made the decision to retire” says Collin. The final DVD featuring a performance by Collin O’Neal is World of Men’s Serbia where Collin and Dakota Rivers double fuck hot bottom Bijan. “I may change my mind in the future, but if I decide to perform again the scene will only be featured on my website. I feel more like a business man now and less like a porn star with an ego like others in the industry that keep performing in their own movies” adds Collin.

“Serbia” can currently be ordered and shipped immediately by contacting Scott Boardman at, or by telephone at (305) 495-4767, or visit World of Men’s new website which is now fully functional.

Floored By Wall-E

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

I have to say it’s been an enjoyable summer for films thus far, and should get even better this Friday with the release of the highly anticipated The Dark Knight; I already have my ticket for a noon screening on the day of release!. I’ve been quite impressed with most of the flicks I’ve seen: Iron Man (awesome), Indiana Jones (enjoyable), Sex and the City (wonderful, although my friends are split on whether the ending works), The Happening (not fantastic, but an effective thriller nonetheless), Wanted (lots of fun, and James McAvoy is hot); and only disappointed with Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian. I wisely stayed clear of Speed Racer (watching the first 7 minutes of the film on-line at Box Office Mojo was painful enough) and The Love Guru.

But of all the films I have seen, the one that I least expected to enjoy as much as I did was Wall-E; the trailer for the film didn’t spark much interest in me when I saw it a couple of months ago. Who knew that an animated movie about a robot looking for love could be such a dazzling and moving experience for the audience? The $180 million production has almost earned back its budget with nearly $170 million in just 3 weeks of release and is even starting to generate some very serious Oscar buzz, something that’s often unheard of in summer blockbuster season. According to a recent Entertainment Weekly article, there’s even talk that the film will (should) be submitted for Best Picture consideration (vs. Best Animated Film). That certainly would make things interesting.

Chances are pretty good that Wall-E won’t be leaving theaters anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean that you should put off seeing it until later. It really is that spectacular and on so many levels.



Cock Teasers

Monday, July 14th, 2008

Aside from checking them out on-line at sites such as Box Office Mojo, one of my favorite things about going to a movie theater is watching the “Coming Attractions” that (obviously) precede the feature film; on that rare occasion, the movie trailers are more entertaining than the flick I laid down some dough to see in the first place. An effective movie trailer whets the audience’s appetite for more and motivates people to part with their money once the movie opens.

I’m sure it’s been going on for longer than I’ve noticed, but recently I realized that more and more gay porn sites out there are also (and wisely) incorporating something reminiscent of movie trailers in order to attract new members. Offering up sneak previews of what you can find on the site is a brilliant and most welcome feature for anyone visiting for the first (or 100th) time to discover.

Not surprisingly, many of the sites appearing on my Top 15 of 2007 List (found on the Sir Randy home page) have included cock teasing clips. While some, like Video Box Men, offer a limited number of preview clips per visit, others offer many more.

One in particular is the wildly addictive Brit site, Men at Play. Although one visit practically guarantees that you’ll sign up for life, there’s certainly no harm in checking out all of the preview clips beforehand; which can be found on channels 1 (auditions), 3 (hardcore), and 4 (solo). The only channel that I couldn’t locate any preview clips for was channel 2’s “Behind the Scenes”. Pity.

So if you haven’t already, see what I’m talking about on Men at Play (or most of the other top 14 sites listed on the Sir Randy home page). Enjoy these cock teasing clips, get hungry and then go in for the full meal, if you know what I mean.



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