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Archive for June, 2008

Sex Satisfies

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

One of the most highly anticipated films of the summer season–at least if you’re a woman or a gay man—stepped up to the boxoffice bar this past weekend and showed everyone that designer shoes are capable of kicking some serious ass.

Of course, I’m referring to Sex and the City, which opened in 3,285 theaters (1,000 less than Indiana Jones is playing on) in North America and took the #1 spot with almost $57 million; pretty impressive considering the film’s $65 million production budget.

Two questions immediately come to mind: Is the film good; and does it have the legs to keep itself in the Top 10 over the next few weeks?

The answer to the first question is easy (albeit only my opinion): yes; and if you are a fan of the HBO series which the film is a big screen continuation of, then make that a YES!!!!

Despite its 2 hours plus running time, not once did I find myself bored. Sure, the film looks great, the ladies fantastic, fashion is everywhere, and there’s an infectious score throughout, but it’s the writing and the performances that made it a memorable trip for me. Although the plum story line of course belongs to Carrie (SJP), where quantity may be lacking, quality can be found in the scenes devoted to Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte and the worlds in which they live.

I’m not about to discuss the various story lines—chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably already seen the flick—but one thing I was hoping for and blissfully received was some sizzling piece of meat on screen to get all hot and bothered about. Forget Big, Harry, Steve and Smith, the one character whose scenes you’ll be freeze framing when the dvd comes out are the ones with Dante, Samantha’s seemingly sexually insatiable and undeniably delicious neighbor. I don’t think there’s one scene when he’s fully dressed; and most of his scenes involve him fucking at least one lucky lady. But his best scene—superficially speaking—has got to be when Samantha accidentally encounters Dante in his outdoor shower (and he invites her to join him). Not only do we get yet another look at his gorgeous body but also a quick and oh so memorable shot of his somewhat engorged dick. Here’s hoping the actor (Gilles Marini) wasn’t using a stunt double for the cock shot.

Whether or not Sex continues to rule the boxoffice in the coming weeks is hard to say. The competition is stiff—good god, “coming”, followed by “hard” and then “stiff”; it’s clear what my mind is on right now (ha ha)—and the reviews that I have read have mostly been unusually mediocre. Then again, a notable number of the less than glowing reviews have been written by critics who were beyond unfamiliar with the show in the first place. WTF is with that?

Regardless of its future in theaters, one cannot deny the film’s hit status. Everyone I’ve spoken with so far has found it to be really enjoyable, and I actually think that it’s the sort of film people will want to see more than once. And this time next week, it will easily recoup its budget. Which goes to show, I guess, that Sex sells.



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