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Archive for May, 2008

Don’t Judge This Book By Its Black Cover

Monday, May 19th, 2008

I just finished reviewing Ebony Knights, a site with a name and home page that suggests plenty of content featuring black studs in action. While that alone would be reason for me to check it out—dark meat, yum, yum—once I did start to explore it I was surprised at just how much more the site has going for it.

For starters, gay content is just one fairly small component to the site. Currently of the over 15,000 scenes for (hopefully) your viewing pleasure, “only” 1,300 or so of those fall into the gay category. Within that category, roughly a quarter fill the black quota; a bit disappointing for those looking exclusively for something dark on the menu.

And “gay” is just one of 43 categories to choose from. The overwhelming majority of those categories are aimed at straight audiences but surprisingly enough—or maybe not—I found a lot of the straight scenes to have huge (sometimes literally) sexual appeal.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to exchange my gay card for a bisexual or het one; I still love cock and haven’t any desire to explore pussy. But some of the straight guys getting it on with the ladies are hot, hot, hot; as is the action. There’s plenty of oral and anal going on and witnessing some of these actresses reach (read: fake) orgasm is pretty entertaining. Just be certain not to have your volume setting too high; otherwise you may end up confusing your neighbors.

For those of you who read my full review of Ebony Knights, you’ll soon discover that it’s a site that I ended up liking immensely. Just not for the reasons I thought I would. Who knew deception could come with consequence-free satisfaction?



The Good, The Bad & The Tonys

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

You know summer is just around the corner when the movie studios start to unleash big budget films, the current season of television begins to wind down, and Broadway announces its nominations for the Tony Awards. I’ve experienced a little of each this week…

The Good - I went and saw Iron Man on Tuesday, which for me was an awesome start to the summer blockbuster season. Being supported by both rave reviews and spectacular boxoffice ($188 million domestically to date, with another $165 million overseas), I would have been rather surprised had I not enjoyed it. And in case you haven’t already heard or read it somewhere else, if you’re planning on seeing the flick, hang in there thru the ending credits. What follows can best be described as confirmation of the (now) inevitable sequel(s). The always interesting Robert Downey, Jr. shines in the title role and it’s really nice to finally see Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeff Bridges in a hit movie; they’re all exceptional actors.

The Bad – I could barely stay awake earlier this week as the final episode of the season for MTV’s The Hills came to its conclusion. I’ve been a big fan of the guiltiest pleasure on television since it first aired, but after sitting through this mini-season and waiting (and waiting and waiting) for something exciting to happen, I’m in total agreement (see my “The Hills Are Alive…” blog entry) with the current issue of Entertainment Weekly when it keenly observes that if the show doesn’t do something soon to keep its audience interested, then “it may be time to head for a new set of hills”.

The Tonys – I’ve never been the kind of fag to pay a lot of attention to Broadway shows or the Tony Awards (to be televised on June 15) for that matter—which isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy Broadway when I’m visiting the Big Apple–but that all changed when I saw Xanadu on Broadway last summer. For anyone familiar with my blog, you’ll remember me first going on about how the infamous 1980 Olivia Newton-John cult classic musical (an oddity that I absolutely love, for the record) was going to be made into a Broadway show; and then I was thrilled when it opened to unexpected rave reviews from many of the influential theater critics in NYC turning it into the surprise hit of the season; and then how all of the hype that I had absorbed on-line about the show was effortlessly surpassed by my ecstatic reaction when I saw Xanadu in person in the summer of 2007. Since then, I’ve made weekly visits to the Broadway World site to monitor how the show is doing (over 400 performances to date, and $12 million plus at the boxoffice) and have continued to check the cool Xanadu on Broadway website on a very regular basis. So you can imagine my delight when it recently picked up an Outer Critics Circle Award for Best New Musical and then earlier this week was nominated for 4 Tonys, too: Best Musical, Actress, Book, and Choreography. I was disappointed and shocked that Cheyenne Jackson (as talented as he is hunky) wasn’t nominated in the Actor category, or that Mary Testa and Jackie Hoffman (as deliciously evil muses) were overlooked. Needless to say, this will be the first time ever that I watch the Tony Awards; here’s hoping it will be worth my while!

God (or Goddess) only knows what treasures and/or turds await me next week…



Doctor Gives Me Fever

Monday, May 12th, 2008

One of the reasons I so enjoy checking my e-mail on a regular basis is the occasional delightful surprise that awaits me. And there’s no better day to be on the receiving end of something delightful than a Monday. Today I was greeted by the news that Dr. Richard has returned!

Who is Dr. Richard, you may be asking yourself? Only the sexiest “doctor” on-line, with the most memorable bedside manner; although that’s something I sadly haven’t any first hand experience with.

I first encountered the studly doctor back in October 2006 when I was visiting one of my favorite places to hang out, the phenomenal suit sex site, Men At Play. I was simply blown away—if only (ha ha)—by not only his handsome and (initially) suited appearance (6 feet tall, early 30’s, salt and pepper hair, well groomed beard, awesome physique…and did I mention his 9.5 inch cock?) but also by how effortlessly seductive he was with his lucky patients. Watching this guy kiss another man was enough to have me sporting some instant wood, but when I saw what he could do with that dick of his, I nearly fainted from the fantasy of it all.

According to the site, until today Dr. Richard’s last appearance on Men At Play was back in March of 2007. Including the most recent addition to his catalogue of content, there is a total of 6 videos for you to enjoy. And trust me, enjoy them you will; mind you, not only his clips (and the sexy hunks he’s matched up with) but the entire site. Honestly.

For those of you who, like me, find yourself completely mesmerized by the Doc and his cock, you can find more of him on the Stud Sex Tour site, another rewarding destination to visit. But on the SST site, he answers to the name “Dillon”.

If I could arrange my next physical with him, I’d call him anything he wanted me to; assuming of course that my mouth wasn’t full at the time.

Here’s hoping that Dr. Richard is on call more often in the future.



Sex and the Secret

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

According to a recent AOL Moviefone poll, the flick people (32% of the 420,000 respondents) are most excited about seeing this summer is Sex and the City; Indiana Jones came in a close second with 31%. As a major fan of the HBO comedy series—which in many ways was as much about 4 gay guys as it was 4 straight gals–this came as no surprise to me. Ever since reports were confirmed of there being a follow-up film to the series, so began the wait for (a) the inevitable movie trailers to dissect and analyze, and then (b) its release date of May 30. As the movie’s witty tagline invites you to “get Carried away”, many already have; myself included. I can’t wait for Sex to hit the screen—wait, that doesn’t sound right.

I think a contributing factor to all of the anticipation over the film has to do with the relative secrecy that shrouded the production. Only general storylines have thus far been revealed–Samantha’s moved to L.A. to make a new life for herself; looks like Steve is unfaithful to Miranda; after adopting a child, Charlotte finally gets pregnant (oh my god, could Steve be the father?—ha ha); and then, of course, there’s the question of whether or not Carrie and Big will finally tie the knot.

That last plot point has practically consumed people with curiosity. And it’s the best kept secret in Hollywood right now. Judging from the collage of teaser scenes—and the news that something major happens in the first act of the film—it looks pretty doubtful that Carrie and Big will wed. The reasons why remain a mystery (Big or Carrie getting cold feet at the last minute seems a bit too clichéd) so I thought what the hell, I’ll offer up my thoughts on why the marriage doesn’t happen and then come May 30 find out whether or not I was correct.

My theory on why Carrie and Big don’t wed is that en route to the church, Big is either in a car accident or suffers a heart attack (or something like that). If the producers want to make this a real tragedy, and have everyone reduced to tears within the first half an hour of the movie, then they’ll have him die. But if Carrie is to be allowed the happy ending that she deserves, he’ll be merely hospitalized and ready to walk (or be wheeled) down the aisle at the film’s conclusion. And instead of a big (no pun intended) wedding, it will be Carrie and Big, with Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte the only guests in attendance.

And the countdown continues….



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