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Archive for March, 2008

Muscle Bound?

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

Earlier this week I did something I thought I’d never do, and that was to get myself a gym membership. 

Considering I’ve never stepped foot in a fitness club before, I think I’m in pretty good shape.  I have my 5-10 minute workout I do at home every morning—and no I’m referring to jerking off—and tend to do a lot of walking in general; biking, too, when the weather is nice. I’m sure stress plays a role in keeping me fairly trim, and a healthy sex life certainly doesn’t hurt matters either.  I also tend to eat McDonalds once a month vs. once a day.  You get the picture.

But as I get older, I know that time isn’t always going to be on my side and that more exercise on a regular basis will hopefully slow down that aging process; well, that and products like anti-wrinkling, skin firming cream. (Hey, I don’t mind getting older but I do mind looking my age, something I’ve managed to avoid my entire life; I’m in no hurry to change that any time soon!)

As I’ve never been to a gym before—my first one-on-one session with my personal trainer is this Tuesday—I’m not really certain what to expect.  Friends have certainly shared with me countless stories of the amount of cruising that goes on (and some of the other activity, too) but that’s not the reason I’m going to a gym.  Honest.  No really.

So it seems like an interesting coincidence that just as I’m preparing to lose my gym virginity (so to speak), I get an invitation to review the site Hot Muscle Dudes.

My full review will be posted to Sir Randy in the near future, but suffice it to say that it’s a site well worth checking out.  Muscular men—but not usually of the neck-less variety, if you know what I mean—flex their muscles (especially the one in between their legs) either solo or with the help of a buddy.  Sometimes the workout takes place in a gym (ie: one dude starts off spotting for another who’s lifting weights), sometimes it’s elsewhere.  But the end result is always the same—orgasm!—and certainly fuels the fire for fantasy both in and out of a fitness environment.

So wish me luck as I experience unchartered territory later this week.  And fingers crossed that I don’t do all of my sweating in the locker room.



A Taste of the Dungeon

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

As part of my oh so thorough recent exploration of Hot House Entertainment’s mega hot “Backroom” site—which to some extent is still very much on-going (or rather on-cumming)–I wandered into its bonus dungeon site, “Club Inferno”, also loaded with some sizzling studs. While not expecting to find anything too vanilla, I still found myself somewhat disturbed (okay and a little bit aroused) by what these dungeon dudes were getting up (and in) to.

One finger, two finger, three finger, four…fisting…anal beads…rimming…ass opening toys…enemas…compliment the usual hot fucking and sucking that serve as a prelude to the cum shot(s).  There’s also plenty to enjoy for those with a leather fetish.

Different strokes for different folks; I get it.  And as long as what’s going on involves consenting adults (of sound body and mind, I might add), then have a great time doing it, I say.

At the same time, though, I’ve never quite understood the sexual pleasure some people get from either receiving pain from or inflicting it upon another; or both for that matter. I’m all for a fun spanking every once in a while but I guess that’s where I draw the line. Likewise, where receiving a pearl necklace vs. anal beads is concerned.  I’m more accepting of one than the other.

I can’t deny though that activity crossing that S&M threshold does intrigue me somewhat and there’s no shortage of it in Club Inferno.  Titles such as “Hole Wreckers”, “Mister Fister”, and “Knuckle Sandwich” provide even the most naïve of visitors a pretty good idea of what’s in store before actually checking out any of the scenes from these or any of the other flicks on hand. 

While not for all tastes, it certainly gives you something to consider next time you find yourself in the mood to explore some unchartered sexual territory.  How many fingers could you take up your ass?  The entire fist?  How about anal beads?  How many of those golf ball sized beads on a string could your ass inhale before having them pulled out ever so slowly. 

Definitely some things to make you go “hmmmm…”  And in some cases, “Mmmmm…”



Hot Times in the Backroom

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

I guess my reasons are pretty obvious when I declare how wonderful it is to find a site that is an immediate turn-on.  Such is the case with Hot House Entertainment’s sensational Backroom.  I’m putting the finishing touch on my review—among other things (ha ha)—and will be posting it to the Sir Randy site very soon, but I wanted to give you a sort of heads up beforehand about my new favorite site and an immediate contender for my Top Ten Hot Sites of 2008 list, if you can believe it.

What’s not to like about this site?  There is close to 300 of the crème de la crème (or is that cum de la cum?) of the gay porn industry’s hottest studs for you to select from.  And each name is accompanied by a yummy photo of the guy, a great thing since names often aren’t as memorable as faces and/or other body parts.  Once you’ve picked a guy, you can access his list of video scenes (and watch them, of course) or simply check out the related photo gallery of the dude.

Or you can select from the archive collection of monthly Hot House Exclusives; or by video titles (each containing plenty of scenes to get all hot and bothered by); or by any of the 44 themes on display.

The site’s only shortcoming for me was that of all the hot beef to sink your teeth into (figuratively, speaking of course), I could only locate two that were black, which seemed a little unusual since god knows there’s no shortage of hot African American men out there.  Damn!

For me it was a telling sign that with my oh so thorough examination of the site, not one scene comes to mind where I found myself less than aroused.  (And believe me, I’m not always THAT easy to please!)  The fucking and sucking and even solo scenes were so appealing that repeat viewing seems almost mandatory.  Deliciously so.

And if all that isn’t enough, there’s access to Hot House’s sibling site, the fetish filled Club Inferno Dungeon site.  Enter that one at your own risk though.  Not to say that it isn’t as exciting as the Backroom, but fisting, anal beads, etc…isn’t a turn on for everyone.

Oh, did I also mention that there’s an extensive pay-per view “Hot House on Demand” feature, too?  Amazing.

Hot House Entertainment has created the sort of Backroom that gives its members plenty of reasons to come back, time and time again.  And if you can’t stand the heat, then sit down for god’s sake. 



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