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Archive for December, 2007

True Blue

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

Along with maybe Men at Play, the one site from last year’s Top Ten list that I’ve been most anxious to revisit has been that other Randy fellow, Randy Blue.  I first reviewed it in the summer of 2005 (check out my refreshed review of it at Sir Randy) and was instantly blown away by just how hot the talent in front of the camera was; it’s not surprising that the site has appeared on both of my annual Top Ten lists since my initial visit. But at some point, the well of studs has to show signs of running dry, right?

Wrong, wrong, and wrong.  Since last checking out the site in late 2006, Randy Blue has continued to add to its archive of deliciously sizzling studs in a big way (pun intended).  My personal fave is a very recent addition to the Blue family, and his name is Micah Stone.  With a gorgeous body, beautiful smile, amazing brown eyes and the sort of cock that will leave you salivating–especially when he cums–what more could a horny boy ask for?  But Micah is just one of the many men here to keep you up at all hours of the day (if only); he’s in very good company with currently over 300 exclusive, high quality videos to select from, either by the model’s name or by niche.  Some are solo, some are couples, most are unbelievably hot.

And if that isn’t enough—and if my memory serves me correctly–a new feature added to the site this year has been the inclusion of a ton of dvd titles from which you can choose to watch scenes.  Add to that access to an additional 19 bonus sites and chances are you’ll never be blue again.  Well, maybe just your balls if you don’t take care of the business at hand…



Ready, Set, Whack It!

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

In my attempt to revisit all of my Top Ten Sites for 2006—an “exhausting” exercise (poor Sir Randy–ha ha) but a necessary one in order for them to be eligible for 2007 consideration—I returned to Whack It World not too long ago.  As has been the case with most of the sites I’ve revisited in the past couple of months, WIW has experienced some impressive growth since my initial visit, something its members are no doubt enjoying.  (Hey, feel free to check out my updated review for the site!)

The vast majority of the clips remain solo sessions of a wide variety of genuinely “regular” guys, which along with Ken, the affable gent behind the camera (well, most of the time at least), make a trip to this world a worthwhile one.  It’s nice to experience an amateur site where the talent doesn’t always look entirely comfortable doing what they’re doing. 

But that’s not to say that there aren’t some dudes here who are very comfortable performing for the camera.  Case in point is the 09.30.07 “Circle Jerk” clip featuring Kyle, James, Tony and Mike, and reason alone to check out WIW in the event that you’re not already a member.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect—aside from the obvious, of course—when I watched these four gents in action, but was delightfully surprised with what unfolded.  It may be called “Circle Jerk” but a more accurate label might be “Circle Suck” (although it’s more of a triangle since one of the guys, Mike, doesn’t get involved in the oral feasting, which is too bad because he has a nice cock).  Kudos especially to sexy James, who clearly loves to swallow dick, and to Ken for capturing all of this hot fun on “film”.  More scenes like this can only increase the Whack It World population and will bring new meaning to the term “global warming”.



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