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Archive for November, 2007

MaleFlixxx a TV Turn-On

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

Sort of—well, not really—continuing with the “tv” theme of my last blog entry, I found myself revisiting the pay per view site, this past week.  I had first visited the site back in 2005 and liked it enough to include it as one of my Top Ten sites for that year.  I was curious whether or not time had been kind to the site so I decided to pay it a return visit.

Well, I’m very glad that I did.  No word of a lie, is probably the finest pay per view site I’ve had the pleasure (in more ways than one—ha ha) of reviewing over the past few years; I’m hard pressed to come up with another that has impressed me as much.

It does so many things right, which I have to say is a godsend.  The available pay per view packages are very reasonably priced (ranging from $9.99 to $69.99, an especially lovely offer since what you actually get in return is $99 worth of credits to be spent), as are the actual rental costs to watch either a scene or the full movie.  There’s also the option of purchasing a “scene pack”, which gives you four days of unlimited viewing of 10-15 scenes from your favorite studios all for less than the price of renting four scenes. Needless to say—but I will anyway–your dollar goes a long way here.

And I was as blown away by the selection and variety of clips available, too.  It’s clear that a considerable amount of thought has been put into providing content that has appeal for just about everyone, regardless of the type of man you’re into, or the kind of action that turns you on.  (For those of you with a weakness for Latin cock and/or who fantasize about sex in a doctor’s office, then you’ll not want to miss studly Marcos David and beefy Jason Hawke getting physical in Scene 2 of “RX: Open Wide!”.  It’s one of the hottest sex scenes I can recall watching in recent memory.  Oh my!)

Navigation at this site is also a sweet dream for users, whether it is the helpful categories that assist in getting you closer to a state of arousal, the top ten lists, or the simplicity of renting and viewing scenes.

Well, that’s certainly a lot of praise, isn’t it?   To balance things out, I should probably offer up some kind of “regret” that I associate with my return visit to before concluding this blog entry.  So here it is:  I regret not returning to the site before now. (ha ha)

Feel free to check out my refreshed review of at Sir Randy.



Less TV = More Porn!

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

What with the current writers’ strike set to have a lasting impact on the current television season, it’s a great time to catch up on some reading, check out a movie, and/or to chip away at that nasty “to do” list (especially with the holiday season fast approaching).  But most of all, it’s a wonderful opportunity to watch hot studs sucking and fucking with one another, don’t you think?

Which is where I come in.  Always wanting to find the easiest way to make things a little harder (you know what I mean) for visitors to Sir Randy, I’ve put together a list of some of the more memorable sites that I’ve reviewed this year.  So apart from the current listing of TOP GAY PORN SITES (which is actually my Top Ten Hot Sites of 2006 list) which can be found on my home page, here are some other worthwhile (and in some cases, downright mandatory) destinations to keep you “active”:

Amateur Straight Guys
Bel Ami Online
Collin Oneal
Dick Show
Dirty Boy Video
English Lads
Get Your Fixxx
Hairy Boyz
Hot Barebacking
Kiss Lads
Raw Entry Club
Rear Stable
Sean Cody
Straight Australian Guys Jacking Off
Straight Boys Fucking
Stud Sex Tour
Xtra Inches

And of course if you wish to know exactly how I feel about each of these sites–and you know you do (ha ha)–don’t forget to check out my review for each in the index section at Sir Randy.

I’m the gift that just keeps on giving….



Stud Sex Tour of Do Me

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

I’m often reluctant to review a site that appears to be not as old as the carton of milk sitting in my fridge.  As much as I want for every site that I visit and subsequently review to succeed—for both selfish and unselfish reasons—the odds are not usually in the site’s favor that it’s going to be an instant hit.  So I usually cross my fingers, hope for the best and prepare myself for not necessarily the worst experience of my life, but one that may initially be somewhat disappointing.  And while my initial review of a site may not exactly be glowing, I will not hesitate to point out its potential for greatness if I think that it could be on its way to something exciting.  I stand by my initial review but I’m also more than happy to revisit a site to see if any improvements have been made.  And I’m even happier to change an existing review in order to reflect any improvements.  Hell, I may even write about it in this blog.

And then there are times when I decide to check out a site still in its relative infancy and am blown away with what I find.  Stud Sex Tour (SST) would be one of those sites; you can find my full review of it at Sir Randy.  It’s clear that the people behind SST know what they’re doing.  Its design is simple yet sophisticated and navigation is unbelievably easy.  Admittedly the current quantity of exclusive videos is not what you would call plentiful (less than two dozen) but the fact that the first clip is dated October 8, 2007 is an encouraging sign of what the future holds for members of this reasonably priced site. 

And while you’re waiting for the volume of exclusive clips to grow, the talent responsible for Stud Sex Tour has done the right thing by providing its members with 32 bonus video feeds and access to selected dvd videos courtesy of; a very smart and wise move indeed but not one that a lot of new sites end up making.  So kudos to SST for doing the right thing where that’s concerned.

Speaking of doing the right thing, you’ll not be disappointed with the talent in front of the camera either.  At risk of sounding like the lusty tart I am, you’ve got to check out delicious and manly stud, Dillon, who currently appears in two of the exclusive clips so far.  With any luck he and his gorgeous, stiff dick will become a regular fixture at SST.  He alone is reason enough to return time and time again, I swear. (Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?)  And for those of you who are big fans of the phenomenal suit sex site, Men At Play, if SST’s Dillon isn’t moonlighting as MAP’s delicious Dr. Richard—whose attentive bedside manner is unmatched—then I’ll be damned.  Then again, though, wouldn’t it be nice if it wasn’t the same stud but instead twins?  I think I feel a fever coming on….





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