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Archive for August, 2007

Xanadu It!!

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

Okay, I promise that this will be the last blog entry that I dedicate to the surprise (but deservingly so) Broadway hit, Xanadu in the next little while.  Promise! 

I returned about a week ago with The Traveling Companion from our pilgrimage to Manhattan.   What a splendid time it was.  I managed to score some great shoes—not to mention sexy underwear—at my favorite department store, Century 21 (located across the street from Ground Zero).  We soaked up a great deal of culture from our visits to the Met, the Guggenheim, and the Museum of Modern Art; and an equally great deal of gay culture (and alcohol) at the bars/clubs XES, g., and Splash.  We even managed to squeeze in a celebrity sighting in Central Park when Chris Noth (“Big” of Sex and the City) jogged by in blue sweatpants and a faded red t-shirt.  (And I have to say with his short hair and more than a hint of salt and pepper color to it, he looked GOOD.)

But the highlight for me was seeing Xanadu on Broadway.  Right from the opening production number (“I’m Alive”) when the Muses “magically” appear from within a chalk mural drawing of them, to the finale, Xanadu is a captivating piece of musical theater.  And talk about funny.  Damn, what a great job the talented Douglas Carter Bean did on the musical’s book.  And it’s clear that the entire cast (which includes Kerry Butler, the studly Cheyenne Jackson, Jackie Hoffman, Mary Testa and Tony Roberts) is having as much fun in their roles as the audience is having in their seats.

I remember seeing a clip where a “fanadu” claimed to have already seen the play 24 times (or something like that) and thinking to myself, “what a nutcase”.  But when the end of the play arrived after a fast-moving hour and a half, I found myself turning to the Traveling Companion and saying,  “Oh my god, I could totally see this again.”

Needless to say, I’m already contemplating when next I can return to NYC…



On the Road to Xanadu

Friday, August 17th, 2007

Back in February of this year, I wrote in this blog about Xanadu (the so-bad-it’s-great 1980 cult classic movie musical with Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly) being adapted to Broadway.   At the time, many in the circle of theater (especially critics) were already bracing themselves for what promised to be the first big flop of the new season.  Regardless of how bad it would (or would not) be, I was determined to check the play out once it opened.

Fast forward to Xanadu’s July 10 opening night where it garnered rave reviews from some powerful and influential critics (ie: The New Yorker, Variety, The New York Times, to name a few).  Positive word of mouth began to spread.  What was once considered to be setting the stage for obvious failure has unexpectedly blossomed into a hit.  And a great excuse to head to NYC for the weekend, which is what I’ll be doing in about an hour or so.

If you’re thinking about going to that place “where nobody dared to go” (I’m referring to Xanadu not NYC, for the record) then you may want to familiarize yourself with the awesome Xanadu on Broadway website, not to mention the musical’s HOT leading man, Cheyenne Jackson.  And for god’s sake, before you see the play you owe it to yourself to watch the film again. 

I still have some packing to do before leaving for the airport—I wonder if they’ll allow me on the plane if I’m wearing roller skates?—so I’ll conclude for now.

Have a great weekend!



Huge in England

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

It’s no secret that I have a bit of a soft spot (not to mention a hard one, too) for certain English studs.  Daniel Craig comes to mind immediately, and roughly 90% of the talent found at the sizzling Men at Play suit sex site, for example.  

In the past month or so, two more England-based sites—both featuring twinks–have made their way into my universe:  the promising Kiss Lads and the sensational English Lads; you can check out the full Kiss Lads review and/or the full English Lads review at Sir Randy.

English Lads is the sort of gloriously addictive site that (unless you’re lucky enough to live there) will have you scrambling to locate your passport and book a one way flight to London SOON.

Much like the Sean Cody site, English Lads has a huge inventory of sizzling models and videos to enjoy.  The production quality is fantastic, and it’s obvious that a ton of thought and effort has gone into making this site the best that it can be.  And with the one tiny criticism that I do make in my review of the site, I’ve been advised that a solution is on the horizon.  How great is that?  Hey, do you want to know what that wee criticism is?  Well then read my bloody review already. (ha ha)

The current collection of young studs is as impressive in its quality as it is in its quantity.  It’s hard to know where to begin, these uncut studs are (mostly) all so yummy to look at.  But if you’re like me—not necessarily a “size queen” but someone who likes to have more than a little something to work with—then the English Lad you’ll want to start with is none other than Matt Hughes.   This young (and more straight than not) gent has one of the most beautiful and big cocks you’ll ever see.  Roughly a foot in length—I wonder if his last name is pronounced “Huge”?–and with an equally delicious thickness to it, you’ll be salivating in no time at all.  And whether you’re watching him work himself to orgasm or allowing another lad to give him a helping hand (or mouth), chances are you’ll come back time and time again just to savor the moment(s) of each of his videos.  And with his cheeky smile and mesmerizing accent, he’s got the whole package going on.  Damn!

But while Matt Hughes may be a wonderful place to start—and re-visit—he is hardly the only reason to visit English Lads.  Check it out for yourself and you’ll experience first-hand (or maybe you’ll need both) what I’m talking about.



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