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Archive for June, 2007


Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

I don’t know about where you reside, but if you live or are visiting hot and sunny Toronto this week then chances are you’re getting ready to walk the rainbow carpet of Gay Pride. 

Although I guess it technically started this past Monday–hell maybe even this past weekend–the Pride machine will really get moving tomorrow night and then continue full steam ahead until Sunday night’s post-parade denouement.  I was in the gayborhood’s most popular watering hole, Woody’s—featured in the U.S. version of “Queer As Folk”–last night with my traveling companion, and although somewhat busier than one would expect for a Tuesday night, you can bet this bottom’s dollar that if past years are any indication there will be a long line-up to gain entry by the time Thursday night and the long-awaited, much-celebrated weekend swings around. 

Toronto Pride attracts close to (if not more than) one million visitors every year and I suspect that this year will be no different.  That’s a lot of potentially yummy in and out-of-town fags (and dykes) to keep the party going.  I was here last year but spent the prior two years elsewhere, including NYC; without Googling it, I seem to recall that both NYC and T.O.’s Pride Weekends take place around the same time.  Which Pride to attend?  Oh decisions, decisions…ha ha.

I’m excited about this coming (and hopefully cumming) weekend.  I haven’t made many definite plans but there are enough tentative ones happening that I’m sure all of the pieces of the puzzle will fall beautifully into place; I have plenty of friends in T.O. to make that happen, that’s for damn sure!   And I’m sure I’ll be making a few more friends once all is said and done, too.  Whether it’s along the Parade route, or in a bar or a club, or even just walking along the people-packed streets, there’s a lot of love and pride to be felt here…and tons of eye candy to take in.

Cheers…and of course, to everyone in at least Toronto and NYC, HAPPY PRIDE!!


Being Upfront About Barebacking

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

I’ve been receiving some queries in the past little while about barebacking sites; more to the point where to find good ones.  Although not generally one to condone gloveless sex with a stranger, if sites make the effort to screen on-line fuck buddies beforehand and the barebacking is a consensual act, then who am I to object?

Although I’m sure there are a ton of them on the internet, there are currently three that I can recall “researching” (oh how I love that word—ha ha) for the Sir Randy website:  Hot Studs, Hot Barebacking, and Raw Entry Club.  All have been well-reviewed by yours truly, especially Hot Studs which was one of my Top Ten Hot Sites of 2006 (no doubt fueled by my insane crush at the time on oh so sexy and attentive T.J. Jordan).  But along with the sizzling action, I was equally impressed by the decision made by Hot Studs and Raw Entry to address the risks associated with barebacking.

In response to the frequently asked question “Isn’t bareback sex unsafe?” here’s what appears on the Raw Entry site:

“RawEntryClub believes that Adult Videos should be viewed as entertainment and not as a sex education video, just as a Hollywood movie is entertainment and not a gun safety training class. We do everything we can to ensure the safety of our performers through regular testing and screening just as we recommend everyone does in real life. Our motto is Get Tested, Be Aware, Be Honest, only then can all parties involved make their own choice.”

In its FAQ section, Hot Studs responds to the question, “Are these bareback movies real?” as follows:

“Yes, each video scene contains raw bareback sex between consenting informed male adults. Our bareback movies are produced as fantasy scenes created for your erotic enjoyment only. We selectively pair our bareback models together based on a frank discussion of their sexual background. Please keep in mind that bareback sex in real life opens the risk of HIV transmission and STD’s. We do not in anyway condone the practice of unsafe sex and urge everyone to protect themselves and their partners by enjoying safer sex through the use of condoms and other safer practices.”

I couldn’t locate anything similar to the Raw Entry Club or Hot Studs statements on the Hot Barebacking (HB) site, but that isn’t to say that HB’s policy is any different.

At some point in the future, I plan on adding a “barebacking” category to the Sir Randy site—there certainly seems to be a demand out there for one–and will continue to seek out and review these condom-free zones.  But as hot as the action may be, don’t forget to remind yourself that the role of these sites is one of “fantasy” and when it comes to something like unsafe sex with a partner, the reality may not always involve a happy ending. 

Fuck often!  Risk nothing! 


ps – If you know of any barebacking sites which I should check out, then drop me a quick “e” at

Sheroes & Hiro?

Sunday, June 3rd, 2007

Despite being on holidays a couple of weeks ago, I swore to myself to do the very un-vacation thing of watching the finale to television’s finest new show of this past season, Heroes.  It was the sort of thing I didn’t want to hear about from others upon my return from Canada’s west coast; or to read about in the newspaper the next day.  You know what I’m saying.

Throughout the season, there had been reports that a few-to-several of the characters would be killed off.  Naturally, as a gay man who admittedly enjoys a little eye candy to go along with quality writing, acting and directing, I became a bit nervous while trying to figure out which of the heroes’ days were numbered.  Certainly the body count would be mostly the villains of the show.  I mean, the producers wouldn’t dream of giving the boot to any of the really attractive heroes, their physical attributes no doubt at least partially responsible for the show’s popularity and success.   Right?

Man, was I wrong.  In one of the final episodes, the character of Isaac Mendez (who has—or rather, had–the ability to see into and then paint the future on large canvases, especially when he was high) was killed off.  It was one of those, this-can’t-be-happening moments for me, considering that Isaac (actor Santiago Cabrera), with his wavy hair, dreamy brown eyes and unshaven appearance was one of the show’s hottest heroes.  While grieving the unexpected loss of this stud, I assured myself that the other yummy heroes would be spared.

Wrong again.  In the final episode, flying hero/politician Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar) sacrificed himself and his all-powers absoring male nurse (now there’s a fantasy!) younger brother Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) when he took him up, up and away from NYC in order to save half of Manhattan from “The Exploding Man” (the result of a power of Peter’s too overwhelming for him to the control). 

The scene where Nathan flies in from above for this rescue/suicide mission certainly gave my tear ducts a work out and a half, particularly when the sizzling siblings exchanged “I love you” with one another before embracing and flying away from NYC, towards the stars and the duo’s inevitable demise.

Makes me wonder what next season has in store for the Heroes audience, particularly gay men and straight women.  Of the total of eight appearing at the beginning of the season, six were male and two were female.  With the finale, three (of the hotter) male heroes are now toast, leaving behind Hiro, Matt, Micah, Claire & Niki.  Will there be fresh meat to enjoy, or will the writers somehow bring back some if not all of the deceased characters from the dead?   And Hiro’s time traveling final scene of the season certainly had me scratching my head, that’s for sure.

It’s going to be a long summer before those questions are answered!



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