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Archive for April, 2007


Sunday, April 29th, 2007

Almost anything these days has “fetish” potential.  Different strokes for different folks, right?  And while I can’t say that I have a fetish at the moment, the time I recently spent on the Maskurbate site may soon change that.

When a friend of mine first mentioned the site to me, I wasn’t sure that I heard him correctly.  “Did he just say ‘maskurbate’ or ‘masturbate’?” I recall thinking to myself.  I guess my face was awash with uncertainty since he repeated the site’s name.

“Maskurbate?”  I echoed.



After a brief discussion (or rather, clarification) about what it was about, I found myself intrigued by the concept.  Maskurbate “allows regular hot dudes with professional careers to fulfill their fantasies of exhibitionism.  Every model wears a partial or full mask so it’s confidential”.  It was time for me to pay this site a visit and to explore some unchartered territory…

Almost immediately, I was impressed by Maskurbate (and somewhat intrigued by the lasting impact it had on me afterwards).  The models are undeniably hot—attractive, sexy, muscular and mostly straight—with their appeal oddly increased by the addition of the mask; shades of Zorro possibly, but more likely hot memories of watching hunky Christian Bale in Batman Begins.

And while I’m not a huge fan of solo action—my preference is to watch two (or more) guys suck and fuck—I found these studs jerking their tools oh so enjoyable (not to mention arousing).  

Who knew that watching a guy in a mask could be so hot?  (Although there is a distinction for me between seeing a guy in a partial mask—that visual can render me speechless—to a guy in a full mask, which is something I find mildly disturbing and therefore not necessarily a turn on.)

Thanks to Maskurbate, when I fantasize about someone sexually, I’m not only imagining him with his clothes off but now find myself wondering what he’d look like partially masked.  Could I be developing a fetish?  I suppose there’s only one way to find out…



ps – If you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out my review of Maskurbate at Sir Randy!

“The Hills” Has Eyes

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Although god knows it’s everywhere, I have to say I’m not a huge fan of “reality” television.  Yeah, I followed Survivor and The Apprentice for a couple of seasons—primarily to see if any of the male competitors was fantasy worthy–but in most instances, the novelty wears thin fast.  Really fast. 

And sure there’s something unusual yet appealing about watching a show like The Surreal Life (pick a season, any season) to see which of the “celebrities” is the biggest train wreck.  Or The Flavor of Love where women claw and curse each other for the opportunity—damn, did I just use the word “opportunity”???—to share their life (or at least a bed) with Flavor Flav?    Ewww….

But every once in a while I find myself unexpectedly and inexplicably hooked on one of these reality-based shows.  This year I am wild about MTV’s The Hills, which explores the lives and loves (and drama and fashion!) of Lauren, Whitney, Audrina and Heidi as they pursue their dreams in Los Angeles.

The fact that the opening credits are accompanied by Natasha Bedingfield’s impossibly catchy tune “Unwritten” no doubt has young girls and fags alike posing glamorously in their living rooms as each cast member smiles for the camera.  Brilliant!

It took me a couple of episodes to realize what watching this show reminded me of.  Not surprisingly, I liken it somehow to flipping through a glossy fashion magazine; or being present at the photo shoot.  Pretty girls, great fashions, stylish, photogenic, all surrounded by a nice sampling of current (and of course meaningful) tunes. 

The gals, while all clearly (like you know) Californian, each have their own personalities, qualities and flaws.  My favorite of the bunch is the charming Whitney, tall, toothy and blonde but also a lot wiser than you might think.  And she has a great laugh, too.  My least favorite—and I suspect I’m not alone with this thinking—is Heidi, an annoying, self-absorbed twit, and the kind of thoughtless chick who invests way too much time and effort into doomed relationships disregarding all logic and warnings from her friends and colleagues. 

And where there are single ladies, you know there are many possible love interests in their universe, too.  This season (the second) Heidi’s boyfriend, Spencer—who she just moved in with (like, oh my god)—is the sort of guy that only someone on life support might find irresistible.  A playboy (and legend) in his own mind, he reminds me of that satanic doll, Chucky, from the Child’s Play movies.  It’s so clear that despite their new living arrangements, things will (better) NOT work out for this couple.  I can hardly wait to watch Heidi’s heart get broken.  (What a bitch I can be!)

Can you tell that I’m somewhat smitten with this show?  And I just discovered today that The Hills has been renewed for a third season.   Which means that I can re-watch this past season all over again in preparation for the new season.

Damn, there’s nothing better than a guilty pleasure…especially if it’s “real”.



Heat Wave

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

I’m in the midst of a heat wave but it hasn’t a bloody thing to do with the weather; in fact as I guiltily enjoyed a cigarette from my balcony just now, I was shocked and saddened to notice that people on the street were still wearing their winter coats, gloves and in one instance, earmuffs.  And I’m still wearing my long underwear, god damn it!   (Well, except for when I’m sleeping, bathing or having sex, of course–ha ha.)

The heat wave I’m referring to is one made possible courtesy of my new friends at Raging Stallion Studios.  In my last blog entry—unbelievably a month ago (yes, I’ve been that busy, and unfortunately it hasn’t been a result of my sipping drinks on a patio)—I was raving about all the hot studs found on three of the RSS sites I had reviewed:  Bang Bang Boys, , and Hairy Boyz. 

Since then, I’ve explored four more of its sites (Rear Stable, Xtra Inches, Collin O’neal and Hot Barebacking)—reviews of course found at Sir Randy—and man, I am impressed….not to mention horny. 

None of these sizzling sites is exactly what one would call “twink friendly” zones, and generally speaking that is a very good thing from where I’m coming from.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some hot twinks out there but my preference is clearly for manly men, ones with some hair on their beautiful bods, and with some healthy, natural muscle tone happening, too. (Hello, Collin O’neal!)  Of course, the frosting on the cake is a nice and hard cock, something all of the RRS sites deliver on, too.  The men and action are hot and sweaty with sucking and fucking.  What more could you want (except for perhaps being there)?

So if like me you’re still feeling the chill of this so-called Spring season and are in need of a reliable meat—er, I mean heat source, I strongly recommend you give any of the aforementioned sites a try. 



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