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Archive for October, 2006

Make Mine A Heroes Sandwich, Please.

Monday, October 30th, 2006

With every new season of television, there’s always one show that I find myself addicted to watching, and not simply because of interesting storylines, well-developed characters or solid acting. I’m talking about prime time, Grade A beef to drool over and fantasize about.

A couple of years ago, part of Desperate Housewives strong appeal for me wasn’t entirely the ladies of Wisteria Lane but the men, including handy, hunky Mike Delfino (James Denton), Susan’s ex-hubby Karl Mayer (Richard Burgi), Bree’s stud-in-the-making gay son Andrew Van de Kamp (Shawn Pyfrom), and OF COURSE everyone’s favorite gardener, the perpetually shirtless John (Jesse Metcalfe). Yum.

Last year, like many gay men and straight gals, it was the hot convicts of Prison Break that had my imagination working overtime. Who could resist horny thoughts of doing some quality hard time with either tattooed Mike Scofield (Wentworth Miller)—those lips, those eyes!!—or his sexy bruiser of a brother, Lincoln Burrows (Aussie Dominic Purcell), not to mention black stallion Benjamin Franklin (Rockmond Dunbar) or Puerto Rican stud Fernando Sucre (Amaury Nolasco).

This year’s breakout hit, Heroes, not only offers a compelling and fascinating premise but some unexpected eye candy, too. Topping that list (and in my dreams, me) is Peter Petrelli (actor Milo Ventimiglia, who originally caught my eye years ago when he appeared on The Gilmore Girls as bad boy Jess), but I wouldn’t kick flying politician Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar), heroin-addicted artist Isaac Menez (Santiago Cabrera, who originally planned on becoming a soccer player!!) or genetics professor Mohinder Suresh (Sendhill Ramamurthy) out of bed for eating crackers, either.

Who’s YOUR current fave TV stud?



On Golden Bond

Friday, October 13th, 2006

A couple of weeks ago I was visiting one of my favorite (non porn) sites, Box Office Mojo and noticed that among the movie trailers available to view was one for the upcoming 007 flick, Casino Royale.

I have nothing against the popular action film franchise—I’ve enjoyed the ones that I’ve seen in the past—but I wouldn’t describe myself as a fan either. That may be about to change though. Like many people, I found the casting of English cutie Daniel Craig to be at the time more than a little unusual; although an excellent actor, based on some of his other film roles (2004’s Layer Cake, for example), there wasn’t much about him that screamed JAMES BOND to me. Or was it simply the fact that none of the other Bonds were blond? Who knows for sure?

But after having seen the trailer, I find myself actually quite excited about the film’s upcoming November 17 release. Dare I say that with perhaps the exception of Sean Connery, Daniel Craig could be the sexiest Bond yet? Whether he’s attired in a tuxedo or a swimsuit—the producers of the film’s trailer have wisely included a scene of a shirtless and buff Daniel Craig emerging from the sea in quite a nice pair of form-fitting swim trunks—you can’t help but to fantasize about getting it on (and off) with both actor and character. (I hate to admit this but at the moment he appears in the movie trailer in those swim trunks I just had to hit the pause button and soak up that yummy physique of his for a couple of minutes. Mmm…mmm!!) And don’t even get me started on those beautiful seductive eyes of his. Or that mouth…

So here’s hoping that Casino Royale makes a huge splash at the box office and that in the next few years we get to see even more of Daniel Craig…in even less clothing.

Ohhhh James…. Ohhhh Daniel!!!


Randy Loves Randy

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

Truth be known, Randy Blue was not only ONE of my TOP TEN sites of 2005, but in fact THE top site of 2005. An exclusive and huge (over 240) video collection of unbelievably attractive men of all types, either stroking themselves to a creamy climax, or introducing some fine fucking and/or sucking action along with another dude (or more); a site that was as easy to navigate as it was to enjoy; an impressive selection of additional DVD clips to explore; all at a very reasonable monthly fee. What more could a horny boy ask for, aside from maybe being kidnapped by one—okay, ANY—of the site’s gorgeous models?

I first checked out the “other” Randy back in June of 2005 and was almost immediately blown away by what I saw in terms of the talent on hand, the thoughtful design of the site, and the high quality of each exclusive clip’s production. It was clear then—and even more so now–that Randy Blue is a class act wanting to provide its members with reasons to return (and cum) time and time again. And it does.

So many sites out there seem to be all about a quick cash grab from potential members. It’s always so refreshing to find one like Randy Blue that treats the time and money of its members with respect. Nothing is taken for granted here. Members are treated more like investors, with Randy Blue delivering on the reasonable expectation of a worthwhile and consistent return on that monthly fee.

In my books, Randy Blue raised the bar for what qualifies as a “hot site” and that’s something it continues to do more than a year after I first explored it. I’m not saying that all sites should be a carbon copy of it—viva la difference, after all–just that regardless of their target audience they should seriously aim to please, not offend…or rob you of money that could be better spent elsewhere….like for example, on a site like Randy Blue. (Like how that came full circle?)



Please, Sir, May I Have Some Mayer?

Sunday, October 1st, 2006

It’s always so refreshing to see a performer evolve and mature—a more organic and therefore more welcome process to witness than the “re-inventing”of an artist—and one who’s doing/done just that is singer John Mayer. His transformation over the past four years or so nicely demonstrates that it’s better to surprise (with your talent) than to shock (with your image).

I remember hearing his first hit single “No Such Thing” back when it was released in April 2002 (and featured on both his 1999 independent release, Inside Wants Out, and then again on the 2001 disc, Room For Squares). It was a catchy tune and he had a curiously appealing voice. I also soon discovered that he wasn’t too hard on the eyes, either. Those lips, those eyes!

But with the arrival of his next single, Your Body Is A Wonderland, my interest in the young singer began to wane. It’s not that it was a bad song just one that radio (and music video programs) played to death. Given his good looks, the song and the playfully romantic video, it’s no surprise really that a wee bit of over-exposure resulted from its success.

He returned in 2003 with the Heavier Things CD. The lead-off single, “Bigger Than My Body”, was one of my favorite tunes of that year; listening to it, there was a good sense of the new direction he was heading in musically. The beautiful “Daughters” was further proof of what the singer was capable of.

I must say I found myself quite curious when in 2005 John Mayer the soloist was suddenly the John Mayer Trio, with the release of the disc Try! Had Mayer thrown in the towel as a solo performer? And while again I admired such a bold move on his part—for not allowing himself to be trapped by the easy success of following a familiar formula—for whatever reason, I didn’t pick up the CD or check out JMT in concert when they came to town. I especially regret the latter since who’s to say if or when they’ll tour again.

In the meantime, I can always pick up the JMT disc, especially now that I’ve fallen in love with Mayer’s latest release, the brilliant, thoughtful, soulful and soul-filling Continuum. His voice has never sounded better and the music and songwriting (all songs written by him with the exception of the Jimi Hendrix penned “Bold As Love”) is of a quality that you can’t help but to be blissfully distracted by while attempting to do something else at the same time–oh, like write a blog entry, for example…(ha ha).

His hair is also longer than I’ve ever seen it; you know, of a wavy length that makes you want to reach out and run your fingers through it. And as his hair has grown, so too has the artist. I can’t wait to see what he’ll do next.



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