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Archive for September, 2006

In A Galaxy Not So Far Away…

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

I took another walk down memory lane last night, this time returning to Galaxy Male, which like Latin Boyz held a spot on my TOP TEN of 2005 list. I had nearly forgotten how massive a site GM is, with no shortage of cock and also no shortage of length once you grab hold of that cock. The site really does aim to please and for the most part still succeeds gloriously.

It serves as a gateway to a number of other sites, including Squirtz (a prime destination for those in the mood for some yummy twink solo action), Maximo Latino (a great site filled with hot Hispanic studs), Cruiser Boys, and He Likes It Big (from the creators of another of last year’s top sites, His First Huge Cock). I was less impressed with Street Bait and especially with Twinks For Cash, an offensive site with obnoxious hosts who seem to get off on degrading the twinks foolish or desperate enough to be willing participants. It’s kind of a shame since one of the hosts is from Gay Sugar Daddy, and someone I thought was kind of hot for a spell. Now he’s just seems like a jerk.

Anyway, an unexpected treat for those of you who don’t mind the ladies getting in on the action is the large collection of bi and straight sites you can access from Galaxy Male. Again, there are plenty of hot, hung and horny straight lads to enjoy…as long as you don’t mind the objects of their desire having a pussy instead of a dick.

Galaxy Male withstands the test of time nicely, and remains a contender for this year’s Top Ten list. Compiling that list isn’t going to be as easy as I once thought it would be. In fact, in some cases it’s going to be quite hard—which is just the way I like it.


Boyz On Fire

Sunday, September 24th, 2006

So in addition to continuing to post reviews for new sites, I’ve also started to re-visit some of the Top Ten sites that appeared on my end of 2005 list; you know, to see if they are good enough to fight off other sites contending for this year’ s list. And if my experience from re-visiting Latin Boyz is any indication, there is going to be some VERY stiff competition (pun intended) shaping up for inclusion on this year’s Top Ten list.

I believe it was April of 2005 when I first explored Latin Boyz and I was blown away then by the site’s incredible collection of hot, young Latino studs. In over a year’s time, I’m happy to report that this site continues to deliver the goods in oh so fine fashion. You know you’re in for a real treat when the quality and subjects of the photo galleries on a site are hot enough to give you the right kind of fever. And after viewing a couple of the solo jack off videos or the man-on-man clips, even non-smokers will be in need of a cigarette afterwards. Yes, it’s that hot. It’s rare to see so many beautifully sculpted bodies on one site and it’s a real buffet for the size queens out there…especially if you like your men uncut. Delicious!

I have to say, I was initially a little reluctant to re-visit a site that had so easily won me over the first time around. To return to the same place could very well have ended up in disappointment with the discovery that it wasn’t as wonderful as I had remembered it being. With time comes change and who’s to say that what I found hot a year ago might now only be considered lukewarm? No such luck with Latin Boyz, I’m delighted to share. It’s achieved the near-impossible by going from being hot to being even hotter than hot. And that’s a win-win situation, any way you cut it…or rather, uncut it.

Looks like I may have only 9 more spots to fill on the Top Ten of 2006 list now.



Is The Best Yet To Cum?

Monday, September 18th, 2006

A recurring thought in my head these days seems to be all about how quickly this year has gone by so far. We’re talking mid-September already. Fuck. Not surprisingly my thoughts have also been turning to what will appear on my year-end review of the best, hottest gay sites. God knows there’s no shortage of studs out there but let’s face it, there’s just as many duds to contend with.

The sites that made my final cut for best of 2005 consisted of (and in no particular order) Randy Blue,, Galaxy Male, Corbin Fisher, Straight College Men, Naked Sword, His First Huge Cock, Latin Boyz, Shotgun Video, and Straight Boys Jerk Off. Hell, some of them are so hot that they still appear on my homepage’s current list of Top Hot Sites. (If you haven’t checked them out already, you really should give them a try.) But that’s not to say that they’ll remain on this year’s list when I compile it. As we all know, a hell of a lot can happen in 365 days. And there’s only room for 10 in a Ten Best list.

Some of the more memorable sites I’m come across—so to speak—this year have included Horny Boy, Extra Big Dicks, Men Over 30, Circle Jerk Boys, Gay Video Box, Spank This, Hot Studs, Biwitched, and Whack It World. This was also the year that I discovered the deliciously attentive T.J. Jordan, so you can bet this bottom’s dollar that the site on which he appears in abundance will probably crack my Top Ten of 2006. But with close to three months to go in the calendar year, the question is which others will appear alongside him?


Lights, Camera, TIFF Action !!!

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

From last Thursday night thru this Saturday, Hollywood—and the rest of the cinematic world, for that matter—has moved to Toronto. Has it really been a year since the last Toronto International Film Festival? Jesus, where did the time go? Is this a sign of aging on my part or is time flying for everyone?

This year, I was only able to snag myself tickets to three films—two of them are gala presentations, mind you—but despite that there so far hasn’t been any shortage of celebrity sightings.

Although I didn’t have tickets to the screening of Pedro Almodovar’s film, Volver, I was invited to the post-screening party hosted by Chanel and Sony Picture Classics. Not so coincidentally, the venue for the late night party was the two level Chanel boutique located on the chic section of T.O.’s Bloor Street. Almodovar and the flick’s lead actress, Penelope Cruz (who looked even more beautiful in person than I expected—bitch!) were in attendance—albeit ever so briefly, no more than 20 minutes I’d say, and most of it tucked away in the V.I.P. area—but there was no lack of interesting people to watch; not least of all being the charismatic and attractive bartender, Travis. That hottie was very generous with his offerings of Skyy Vodka (which my gal pal, Debs, and I were mixing with Red Bull; well, sugar free Red Bull). Any wonder I was hungover the next morning?

On Saturday night, I attended the gala screening of Sir Ridley Scott’s latest film, A Good Year, with my boyfriend. As we arrived at the theatre, the flick’s star, Russell Crowe, was across the street signing autographs and nicely demonstrating to the crowd that he may not necessarily be the asshole the media has presented him as being in recent years. And even if he was, I don’t think I’d kick him out of bed for eating crackers…or hurling a phone at me. The film itself, a romantic comedy—from the director of Alien, Blade Runner, and Gladiator??—was a little predictable but at the same time thoroughly enjoyable; a sentiment shared by the audience (even if the Hollywood Reporter’s review of the film suggested otherwise). Crowe makes for a charming leading man and the locations–fabulous London and breathtaking Provence—added to the film’s appeal for me.

Late Sunday morning, there was an unexpected—but welcome–celebrity sighting. I was returning from having brunch with a friend. As we approached the Sutton Place hotel, we noticed paparazzi and on-lookers forming into a crowd at the back of the building. We decided to investigate and five minutes later, the mystery was solved. A playful and well-dressed Brad Pitt appeared in the doorway, smiled and waved to everyone before hopping into his limo/SUV. Another yummy actor to briefly feast the eyes on!

I have one final film gala to attend. It happens tomorrow night and is Anthony Minghella’s latest, Breaking and Entering. The film stars Juliette Binoche (who won an Oscar for her role in Minghella’s The English Patient) and oh so dreamy Jude Law (who was nominated for one for his role in Minghella’s The Talented Mr. Ripley). I believe Jude is in town for TIFF and if that’s the case he’ll for sure be at the gala, which is something I definitely look forward to.

Russell Crowe, Brad Pitt, Jude Law. Not a bad week, I’d say.



Jason Turns My Crank

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

As a general rule, my decision to see a particular film isn’t exclusively guided by how hot a featured actor is. But when it comes to English stud Jason Statham, I find myself wanting to bend that particular rule.

I remember seeing him for the first time in 1998’s Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, a cool flick directed by yummy Guy Ritchie, and coming down with a serious case of lust for this unshaven, shaved head, sexy beast. I recall anticipating the next scene he’d appear in and quietly praying for a nude scene or ten.

Since then, despite his appearance in quite a few films, I’ve only checked Jason out on the big screen in The Transporter, The Italian Job and the underrated Revolver, which I saw as a gala presentation at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, and to the best of my knowledge never had a commercial release in North America despite the fact that it was directed Guy Ritchie (who attended the screening with his wife, Mrs. Ritchie—aka Madonna). Go figure. (Too soon after Swept Away, perhaps?)

The Transporter took my breath away—especially that scene where Jason’s hot athletic body is all oiled up—and was immediately placed on my “needs” list of DVDs once the final credits appeared on screen at the theatre. It’s just that whole bad boy thing he’s got going for him on-screen; but “bad” with a really “nice” edge; you know, he’ll fuck you for hours until you’re raw, and then hold you in his arms afterwards. (Yikes, I’m getting a bit carried away with this…sorry about that.)

Anyway, it wasn’t too long ago that I saw the trailer for his current film, Crank, and to be quite honest didn’t really think much of it. I thought to myself that with a September release date, it probably was more Crap than Crank. But then I started reading the reviews and discovered that most of them weren’t awful. And what’s this about an outdoor sex scene with his co-star? I then checked out (on oh so valuable You Tube) an interview he gave about the film where he talks about maintaining his hard-on (with the use of some very lucky elastic bands) for an extended period of time all the while attired (and running around) in only a hospital gown.

Enough said…until I return from the movie theatre, that is.



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