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Archive for August, 2006

The Devil Wears Oscar

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

So I finally got my fabulous ass to a movie theater this past weekend and saw The Devil Wears Prada. I’m sooooo glad that I did. The Meryl Streep/Anne Hathaway flick has already amassed over $120 million at the North American box office (a very nice profit given its $35 million budget) in 9 weeks of release and dare I say has tickled the funny bone of many fags along the way. I know gents who have seen the film two, three times, which at the time I thought was a bit obscene but having now seen the film myself, it definitely falls into the “once is not enough” category of viewing. And while I may not find the time to see it a second time at the theater—not with the Toronto International Film Festival beckoning to me—I can definitely see myself purchasing it once it’s released on DVD. One can only imagine what delicious extras it will come with!

Needless to say, Meryl Streep reigns supreme as bitchy, bossy Miranda Priestly. BTW, has anyone ever seen a bad Meryl Streep performance? Honestly, the woman is total screen perfection, whether it be comedy, drama, whatever. I think she’s a definite shoe-in for at least a Golden Globe nomination and probably the win. And even Oscar may not forget her when nomination time comes along. Normally, comedic performances—and most summer releases–are often overlooked but we’re talking Meryl Streep here. With 13 nominations (and 2 wins, I think) she’s received more than any other actor. A 14th nod for her performance in The Devil Wears Prada seems likely—especially given how few great roles for actresses are out there at any given time. What’s with that anyway?

If you get a chance you should check out the film’s website, if only to take the Fashion 101 test (while listening to Madonna’s “Jump”). For what it’s worth, I scored 65% which given the subject matter is a grade I was quite happy with. Sadly, Miranda Priestly’s on-line evaluation of my results was slightly less positive. No need for me to give up my day job, I’m thinking.


You and the X

Sunday, August 27th, 2006

Given the runaway success of the awesome year old website, YouTube–which according to the Washington Post (among others) is now creating special YouTube “channels” for cash paying advertisers, starting with none other than more-business-savvy-than-she-looks Paris Hilton—I guess it was just a matter of time before another website attempted to cash in on its success by using a similar name. Enter XTube.

From what I can tell, the naughty X site hasn’t any association with You—and came after, not before You–but is equally addictive if your horny self is looking for a sampling of some free (to a certain extent, that is) porn on-line. Once you’ve set up your account, you can select from photo and video content that is gay, straight or both. As far as gay categories are concerned, all of the usual suspects are here: blow jobs, hunks, anal, general, hardcore, fisting, muscle men, daddies, bi-sexual, jerk-off, twinks, Asian, black, bear, big cock, fetish, group sex, inter-racial, Latino, and butts.

Not unlike You, X is a hefty mix of amateur stuff and content lifted from elsewhere. Some of it’s hot and some of it’s disappointing; that’s par for the course though with most porn. And the picture quality isn’t always the best either but as long as I know what’s going on in a scene, I’m not going to rag on about quality when I’m not actually paying anything in order to watch it. You know what I’m saying.

There’s also a DVD channel that allows you to either purchase a title or pay per view it by scene, using (of course!!) XTube money which you can conveniently buy from the site. Clever, clever, clever…and perhaps worthy of a review by yours truly here in order to determine if the available pay per view titles provide good bang for your buck. If I do, then I’ll be certain to let you know my findings.


Justin Time

Saturday, August 19th, 2006

I have to say, it’s been an excellent summer for catchy pop tunes—Nelly Furtado featuring Timbaland with “Promiscuous”, Gnarls Barkley with “Crazy”, and Shakira featuring Wyclef Jean with “Hips Don’t Lie” are three memorable examples—and it looks like the latter part of the season will continue in sizzling style.

While Fergie’s “London Bridge” wasted no time in landing in the top spot on my beloved Billboard Singles Chart, it’s been a little surprising to watch Justin Timberlake’s latest offering, “Sexyback” as it ever so slowly moves its way up the charts; at least until this week when the single suddenly jumped from 52-35 in its sixth week on the Top 100 chart.

Had I not heard the Timberlake song for the first time while watching the hot video that accompanies it, I would never have guessed that it was him. The direction he continues to be moving in musically is as admirable as the steamy image he’s created for himself with his solo videos and still photos; check out his Rolling Stone session with the late, great Herb Ritts to get a glimpse of his lean but toned physique at its finest. (You know the issue I’m talking about. Yum, yum, yum!)

But whereas he smolders in videos or on the pages of a magazine, the same cannot be said (so far at least) for his on-screen efforts in the world of feature films. Although having the good fortune of seeing him in person at the closing night gala of last year’s Toronto International Film Festival for the World Premiere of his debut feature film, Edison, that good fortune quickly turned sour once the film began. Given that Timberlake was in good company on-screen with the likes of Oscar winners Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey, and the always hot L.L. Cool J., it was a huge mystery to many of us in the audience how any of the talent could have thought that appearing in such a shitty movie would be a good career move. It couldn’t have looked good on paper even; the script sucked. Had they all been blackmailed into signing on the dotted line?

Edison has the distinction of being the only film (in a theater) that I have ever walked out on. Yes, it was that bad. And aside from my boyfriend, I wasn’t the only one who had the good sense to abandon that sinking ship in favor of getting a head start on the drinking at the Festival’s closing night party. People were leaving with such frequency that the theater took on the appearance of an evacuation drill instead of a film premiere. Needless to say, Edison became a straight-to-dvd casualty and even had its name changed to Edison Force.

But Timberlake isn’t the first pop star to have trouble making the leap from music video to the silver screen; he won’t be the last either. And while I look forward to seeing him shine in a movie role suited for him, in the meantime I’m quite content to enjoy his sexy back (and other body parts) on the small screen.


All Hail Helix

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

I have to say, that with the number of generic gay porn sites out there lacking in any number of ways—whether it is exclusive content, production values, talent, navigation—it’s not unlike stumbling upon an oasis in the desert when you discover a specialty site that really delivers.

I recently had the great privilege of checking out two such sites, both courtesy of the talented crew at Helix Studios. The first site is Hot Studs, a site that specializes in bare backing and whose talent lives up to the site’s name. And imagine my delight to discover ten scenes featuring that tremendously talented top, T.J. Jordan. Talk about adding fuel to this fag’s fantasy fire…!

Now, I know what some of you are thinking with regards to a site that specializes in unsafe sex. Tsk, tsk, and all that jizz—er, I mean jazz. Helix has anticipated such concerns and therefore includes the following in its FAQ page:

“Yes, each video scene contains raw bareback sex between consenting informed male adults. Our bareback movies are produced as fantasy scenes created for your erotic enjoyment only. We selectively pair our bareback models together based on a frank discussion of their sexual background. Please keep in mind that bareback sex in real life opens the risk of HIV transmission and STD’s. We do not in anyway condone the practice of unsafe sex and urge everyone to protect themselves and their partners by enjoying safer sex through the use of condoms and other safer practices.”

Satisfied? Now sit back and enjoy the ride, bitch. ( :

A second specialty site from Helix is Spank This. In all honesty, I wasn’t sure what my reaction to this “spanking friendly” site would be, since it’s not really my scene. It’s still not but I can now see the hot appeal of either being spanked by or giving a spanking to someone else. The site of a twink’s beautiful ass—most of them look like two beautiful loaves of bread dough–changing in color from milky white to crimson red made me shift in my seat on more than one occasion…but for all the right reasons. And knowing that sometimes a spanking is simply a form of foreplay, the site wisely incorporates fucking and sucking along with the hand to ass play.

You can find reviews for both sites in the Hot Sites section of Sir Randy. Check them out and then check out the sites for yourself.



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