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Archive for July, 2006

French For Fantasy

Monday, July 31st, 2006

I admit that when it comes to athletics outside of the bedroom I’m not much of a participant. Sure I walk and cycle every day and occasionally attend a yoga class but that’s about it for me.

With the recent World Cup, I discovered that watching some sports can work up as much of a sweat as actually participating in them. Hot young, muscular jocks running around a field in shorts and a t-shirt, their sun-kissed skin glistening with perspiration, what more could straight women and gay men ask for? It sure the hell beats American football or hockey where it’s close to impossible to objectify—er, I mean admire—any of the athletes since their uniforms are more like suits of armor. Rugby is a most welcome alternative.

But as much as I enjoy the spectacle of these sporting goods on the field, I generally don’t have the time to be sitting in front of the television set for two hours on a regular basis. So you can imagine my delight when I discovered what beefy rugby-playing bon-bons were waiting for me online. Mon dieu!

From what I can gather, from 2001 and on The French National Rugby Team has been modeling for the “Dieux du Stade” calendar. Did I mention that the team appears in the nude? And the stylish pics are shot in classic black and white. The 2006 calendar goes on sale September 29—but of course you can pre-order now—and there will also be a “Making of the 2006 Calendar” DVD available for sale.

The best way to get a taste of the photos (for 2006 and prior years, too) is to check out the beautiful Oh La La Paris site. Not only does it provide you with a sampling of these athletic and photogenic studs but there are also some other delicious dudes you can look at, too.

Not surprisingly, the awesome You Tube site currently offers up 9 clips (ranging from 29 seconds to 5.05 minutes) featuring the jocks hard at work on their part in the making of the calendar. Simply go to and enter “les dieux du stade” into its video search engine.

I wonder if hottie Frederic Michalak and the rest of his hot team mates are looking for a new towel boy in the locker room…or for someone to hold their balls between games?


I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty…

Thursday, July 27th, 2006

The price of celebrity (for some stars, at least) is no more evident than on the wickedly intriguing website Awful Plastic Surgery (APS). For some, it’s good. For others it’s bad. And for many it’s just plain ugly…not to mention unnecessary.

I’m certainly not one to say that I would never consider a little Nip/Tuck action (especially if my surgeons looked anything like studs Julian McMahon or Dylan Walsh of the television series) but there’s no way in hell that I’d become addicted to it in the seemingly desperate—not to mention pathetic, tragic, etc…–way some actresses and actors do without blinking an eye; something that becomes a real possibility after one too many face lifts, I imagine.

APS is like a gallery of ghouls, or the equivalent of a circus freak show that from time to time will have you shaking your head in disbelief, laughing, cringing, and thanking god that you haven’t the cents to jump on the bandwagon–or in this case operating table—but instead have the sense to know better.

But enough of the sermon from yours truly already. Who can resist the temptation of checking out at least one—if not all—of the following categories offered on APS: Bad Boob Jobs, Brow Lifts, Cheekbone Implants, Collagen in Lips, Face Lifts, Hair Transplants, Nose Jobs, Before & After, Oops I Messed Up My Face, Scary Celebrities, They Need Lipo, They Need More Plastic Surgery, and They Need Plastic Surgery Really Bad. There’s also the uplifting (so to speak) Good Plastic Surgery category which proves that at least some of the surgeons to the stars actually take pride in their work.

The site goes as far back as September 2003 and includes not only the usual suspects of scary scalpel syndrome (Michael Jackson, Bruce Jenner, Farrah Fawcett) but also some that may (or may not) surprise you.

Visitors to the site should be warned though before taking a peak at any photos involving Jocelyn Wildenstein, the notorious Cat Lady, and her all ages fright fest face that looks like something the cat dragged in…from another planet.



Ex-User, Boozer, Loser Is No Snoozer

Monday, July 17th, 2006

I was in beautiful (not to mention bloody hot) Montreal this weekend and thanks to the quick, thoughtful thinking of my sexy travelling companion was able to attend the Canadian premiere of the hysterical new comedy flick, Strangers with Candy. The screening was part of Comedia, the film component of the wildly popular Just for Laughs Festival (which runs from July 1 to 31).

Strangers is the prequel to Comedy Central’s late ‘90s hit television of the same name and stars Amy Sedaris as sweetly scattered Jerri Blank, a 46 year old former heroin/alcohol/sex fiend AND ex-con who upon release from 32 years of life behind bars returns to high school in a bid to start her life over. Many of the film’s plotlines were inspired by the after-school specials from the ‘70s and ‘80s; the type of melodramatic material that is as easy to satirize as it is to shoot fish in a barrel, or take candy from a baby.

Sedaris and co-stars/co-writers Stephen Colbert and Paul Dinello (who also directs the film) are no strangers to comedy and with Jerri Blank have created an oh so memorable and hilarious character. Not only did I laugh my ass off at the screening but long afterwards, too; which is always a welcome (if somewhat rare) reaction to any film…unless of course it wasn’t intended to make you laugh in the first place.

For you star junkies, the movie is loaded with award-winning familiar faces in small roles: Allison Janney, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, Ian Holm, and Kristen Johnston, to name more than a few.

There are far too many examples of hilarious dialogue and/or scenes to tease you with just one, so I’ll refrain altogether. But I will offer a helpful tip. Like Jerri, this flick is not drink-friendly, so you may want to hold off on purchasing that gallon of soda at the concessions stand beforehand. Otherwise, you may end up with most of it in your lap…and not from spilling it either. Strangers with Candy is that piss your pants funny.



Hello, Good Bi

Saturday, July 8th, 2006

A very long time ago—in between orientations—I convinced myself that I was bisexual. That lasted about a week and I bid farewell to pussy once and for all and wholeheartedly embraced cock (with every orifice I could) for ever and ever, amen.

Not too surprisingly, as a result I usually find myself somewhat reluctant to review bisexual sites. Most of them are bisexual in the sense that it’s two ladies and a gent, and not the other way around. And while some of the guys may be hot, the majority of the gals are either so plastic or so sleazy that I don’t find it all that sexy or arousing. In fact, sometimes watching the three go at it—with often most of the exaggerated action taking place exclusively between the ladies– leaves me in need of a long cleansing shower for all the wrong reasons.

But my recent visit to Biwitched has proven to me that thankfully there are quality bisexual sites out there geared more towards us fags then our straight brothers. Biwitched (check out Sir Randy’s hot site review of it) offers some pretty sizzling man on man on woman action, I have to say. Two episodes, “Gay Weddings” and “In the Country House” in particular left me effectively hot and bothered. The production values were great, the studs were oh so attractive—in that delicious European way—with impressive, hard cocks, and the guest star gal actually contributed to the heat factor. In both instances, she was “natural” looking with seemingly nothing augmented or lifted or artificial (with maybe the exception of hair color). And while the ladies were certainly not denied the tasty treat of cock, the focus was refreshingly on the two guys getting one another off. I found it oddly entertaining to watch, wait and wonder how long it would take for the guys to stop sucking cock or fucking each other before turning their attention to the hungry, horny pussy in the room.

Of the episodes I checked out on Biwitched, it appeared that a good deal of the site content and talent is European, and it’s something that I absolutely loved. It kind of makes me want to now explore a bi site with content that is as American as apple pie or as Canadian as beaver. Will finding something of Biwitched’s quality be hard to find in North America and if not will it find me hard once found?


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