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Archive for June, 2006

A Lift In Time For Summer

Saturday, June 24th, 2006

Although I’m crossing my fingers that I personally won’t be in need of one any time soon, I’m ever so thrilled with the face lift the Sir Randy home page has received; hopefully you’re as equally pleased with the results. (And if not, please tell me what’s missing, for god’s sake!)

The new home page includes such welcome features as a rotating list of my current Top Sites—there’s plenty to pick from, too, I’m happy to report—with easy access to my review of any of the listed Top 10. Even better (in my opinion, at least) is the “Updated and New Reviews” feature which among other things provides a spotlight for up and coming sites worth checking out as well as those which you’re best to stay away from; sadly as you have no doubt experienced yourself, not everything out there is a worthwhile investment of either your time or money!

Last but certainly not least, the link to my blog is now more of an open invitation than a hidden treasure.

So don’t be a stranger. Visit as often as you like, and make your presence felt. If you have a hot tip to share, as in a website recommendation (unless you are Cody Jordan of Gay Video Box, or any of the talent from Randy Blue, Corbin Fisher, Extra Big Dicks, Men Over 30, etc…in which case feel free to share any other hot tip that comes to mind), or a comment about the website, or about one of my blog entries, then by all means drop me a quick “e” at

And if it’s Pride Weekend where you are right now, then a Happy Pride from Sir Randy!! (And don’t forget to put the Ride in Pride! Be certain it’s a safe one, though.)


Thanks, Anonymous!

Sunday, June 18th, 2006

A couple of weeks ago the focus of my blog entry was the delicious stud Cody Jordan, whom I had recently discovered (if only!) while exploring the hot Gay Video Box site. Jordan has made quite a name for himself for his on-going role as Dr. Rimmerman in the College Boys Physical (CBP) series. There are a total of three that I’m aware of but with hopefully more to come; all are currently available for your screening pleasure at Gay Video Box. Needless to say, I am fast becoming a great (not to mention horny) admirer of this sexy, attentive gent.

In my blog from June 4, I shared my mild frustration with how outside of the CBP videos, there didn’t seem to be a lot of other videos/dvds featuring the talented Mr. Jordan. Well, that has since changed since an “anonymous” visitor came to the rescue and provided Sir Randy with a little sex education.

Mr. Anonymous shared with me that Cody Jordan also performs under the name of T.J. Jordan; so I Googled that name and hit the jackpot. According to a few different sites, the Jordan sex library consists of the following titles: Spanked at Work, Bareback Riders 5, Candy Ass Bareback, Hot Footin’, Spring Fling, and Spanking Tales (all titles can be found at DVD Advantage), Latino Bareback (found at BoyToyDVD), as well as Twink 3, Warehouse Bareback, Bareback Lovers, Raw Fantasies, Storm Drain, and Spring Break.

As is usually the case with most names, there is more than one T.J. Jordan that pops up when loaded into the Google search engine. And while one has his own website, sadly it’s not the one I was hoping it would be. But the other T.J. Jordan is a sexy football player, which was of some comfort to me.

I also discovered that in one film, Twink Juice, Jordan’s performing name is Tao Martin. Go figure.

So I just wanted to send a heartfelt thank you to Mr. Anonymous for taking the time to enlighten me with some more information about my current crush boy, Cody Jordan, or T.J. Jordan, or Tao Martin. They may be three different names, but the man is definitely one of a kind.



A Night(mare) In Paris

Tuesday, June 13th, 2006

I had the strangest dream about Paris last night. Only it was in the morning and well, the dream was more of a nightmare. And I was awake when it happened. But it did involve Paris; not as in the city but as in Hilton.

En route to the washroom to enjoy my morning ritual of a nice, soothing hot bath, I turned on the television with hopes of catching (and listening to) a music video or two to help me start my day on the right note. Maybe Nelly Furtado’s “Promiscuous” or Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie”; either would help ease me into the steaming waters of my bathtub, not to mention the rest of my day.

Instead, I was held prisoner (not to be confused with “captivated”) by Heiress Hilton’s latest offering to the masses: her singing voice and an equally bad video to compliment it. The title of the song is “Stars Are Blind” but “This Star is Tone Deaf” might be more appropriate. Ouch, ouch and ouch.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not usually a Paris basher. I thought she was charming and quite funny on the first season of “The Simple Life” with then gal pal Nicole Richie. I respected her enough not to view her now infamous sex video. Then again, I’m not exactly someone who supports her career either. Didn’t buy her book, didn’t see “House of Wax” and I sure as hell won’t be purchasing her music either. I don’t mind spending money to listen to a multi-millionaire singer (god knows there are enough of them) but I’m also not one to support someone so clearly closer to novelty act than musical artist; unless by purchasing the CD I’m entitled to a complimentary weekend in one of the Hilton hotel suites of my choice. Come to think of it, include return airfare, too.

I’m sure Paris’ “Stars Are Blind” video will be coming to a tv screen near you, and in power rotation, no doubt. But you can also find it at the fantastic You Tube website.

I can hardly wait to see how well the single and the CD perform on the charts. Time will tell…


Let’s Get Physical

Sunday, June 4th, 2006

When Sir Randy rates a site as being HOT often one of the reasons for doing so has to do with it offering me something I have yet to experience. One such site is the recently reviewed Gay Video Box. This wonderful site is the equivalent of a DVD video store where for an incredibly reasonable monthly membership fee you have access to a large inventory of DVDs sectioned into individual scenes. My general criteria of hot studs providing sizzling action was certainly there but the one thing that I had never expected to get so turned on by was the premise, content and star of one video in particular.

“College Boys Physical # 2” features the oh so sexy Cody Jordan in the role of Dr. Rimmerman. He has an orgasm-building bedside manner and provides personalized medical attention to three separate members of the hung twink swim team. In two of the three lengthy scenes, the good doctor is assisted by the swim team’s coach, studly Eric Daniels. But no question about it, Cody is the real superstar here. His voice is deep and sexy and every part of his body is an instrument of glorious pleasure. Rarely have I seen such a talent who excels at everything he does, whether it’s an anal/prostate examination, rimming, sucking cock or fucking ass. If he was my general physician, I’d become a hypochondriac in order to secure as many appointments with him as humanly possible. The fact that he starts off in scrubs (complete with surgical gloves) and the examinations take place in the appropriate medical setting only adds fuel to the fantasy fire.

I Googled the name Cody Jordan but apart from this DVD the only other one featuring him was the follow-up “College Boys Physical # 3”. Talk about frustrating. This dude should have his own website, he’s that hot. I’m curious as to why he hasn’t appeared in more films, but with any luck there will more to come in the future. Perhaps it’s just a matter of being patient; although I’d much prefer to be HIS patient.


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