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Archive for May, 2006

A Change of Seasons

Sunday, May 28th, 2006

With the beginning of June just around the corner, it’s hard to believe that 2006 is already almost half over. I mean where the hell has the time gone? As I pondered that the other day, I realized that in the past few months I’ve spent a surprising amount of time on my lovely (and if I’m not too careful, expanding) ass watching television. That’s not to say that I’ve become a couch potato—what with traveling, social engagements and of course my on-going quest for quality on-line cock—but the number of shows I’ve made time for on a weekly basis has certainly increased, especially when it comes to the number of recent season and/or series finales. When exactly did I find the time for sleep and sex?

First up was the series finale of Will & Grace. The retrospective leading into the final hour long episode was entertaining but the episode itself was a bit of a train wreck, I have to say; and an insult to its audience. I for one expected something more original than a ridiculous dream sequence followed by painfully unfunny flash forwards revealing what was in store for Will, Grace, Karen and Jack. The show’s writers should have taken their lead from the intelligent, classy and satisfying way Sex and the City wound up the series by simply revealing the immediate future of the show’s four leads, and giving the audience a little credit for imagining what happens after that.

Another series finale I caught—quite by accident—was the one for Charmed (the premise of the show being the on-going trials and tribulations of three demon-fighting witches, who are also sisters). When Charmed first aired (I think about 7 years ago) I was totally hooked on it. It was a fun fantasy of a series and the male love interests for the three gals were usually hot, hot, hot. As was the case with W&G, after a few years for whatever reason I started watching it less frequently. Unlike W&G though, I have to say the Charmed finale was an effective one. One could say I was spellbound (and admittedly a little teary) as the final credits approached.

There were an insane number of shows for which I watched the season finale, too: Prison Break, 24, ER, Law & Order, Law & Order SVU, House, Desperate Housewives. I even watched the second last episode of American Idol, a show that outside of the initial auditions I find painfully difficult (translation: boring) to sit through.

With the end of the television season comes the beginning of the summer movie season and it’s one I’m looking forward to. If the month of May is any indication—Mission Impossible 3, The DaVinci Code, X Men 3, Over the Hedge–there will not be any shortage of blockbuster options over the next few months. Let’s just hope that most of them are entertaining and don’t suck. (I also hope that there are some fine indie options on par with such recent films as Brick, Friends with Money, and Thank You for Smoking.)

So it looks like my summer will be divided between spending some quality time with friends on a patio, spending some quality time with friends in a movie theatre, and spending some quality time bringing you the hottest men and sites to make your summer an oh so hot and steamy one.


Houston, We Have A Problem

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

There are some sites you just can’t get enough of (Sir Randy, for example—ha ha). Add You Tube to the non-erotica list of ones that provide many reasons for returning. I first visited You Tube last month (check out my April 22 blog entry for my reason for doing so) and only again this past weekend did I return to the site. One of my dinner guests on Friday was talking about it, specifically an old clip from 1986 featuring a then clean Whitney Houston and not-so-sober singer Serge Gainsbourg as they met one another on a live French television show. Suffice it to say that Gainsbourg’s drunken behaviour and creepy interest in Houston is a site to behold, much like You Tube itself. Check out for yourself what happens by going there and then entering “Whitney Houston vs. Serge Gainsbourg” into the search engine. Whitney may have a problem but it’s one that is oh so funny to witness.

Last night I explored the site a bit further and realized that there are some real hidden treasures to be found, depending of course what you’re looking for. Huge fan of Olivia Newton-John that I am, I placed ONJ’s name into the search engine…and hit the jackpot. Aside from being able to access music video clips—some of them not even available on her recent (and fabulous) Gold I & II DVDs—there were many surprises, too: including segments of a “Making of Xanadu” documentary, and hard to find clips from some of her popular television specials from the 1970’s (ONJ singing The Eagles’ “Heartache Tonight” with Tina Turner and Toni Tennille, for example). I’m sure there are equally satisfying and surprising items to be found for most artists and performers. I wonder what would happen if I entered Max Grand’s name into You Tube’s search engine…

So when you’re looking to be entertained but want to give your dick a bit of rest, check out You Tube. Who knows what you’ll find.



Keep ‘Em Cumming

Friday, May 5th, 2006

What a draining week this has been (both figuratively AND literally). I mean, it’s been practically raining men at my desk these past few days with no fewer than 14 sites inviting me to check out their product and talent.

It was hard (or soon would be) knowing where to start, but if the two sites I’ve so far visited this week–Extra Big Dicks and MenOver30—are any indication, then it’s likely I’ll need to take a few days off after “making my way through” (use your imagination) the other sites in order to recover from all the sizzling action that’s been dropped in my lap(top).

In all honesty, when I began my exploration of the amazing Extra Big Dicks site I wasn’t sure what I’d be in store for. With an extra cocky name like Extra Big Dicks, I felt almost guaranteed that ultimately the site wouldn’t live up to its name. Boy was I wrong (and all the happier for being so, I might add). These mostly solo dudes are H-U-N-G, HUNG, baby; and have easily provided this Size Queen with hours and hours of fantasy material.

The current crop of sweeping cock consists of 43 men of different ethnic backgrounds; so despite what your preference may be in that regard, as long as you like a man with a lot more than a handful of cock to work with, you’ll not be disappointed. As indicated in my review—which can be found on one of Sir Randy’s “Hot Sites” pages—I have a soft (and pink) spot for straight stud Pierce, but in a pinch wouldn’t kick about 90% of the other talent to the curb for eating crackers in bed either. And naturally I have very high standards.

Men Over 30 was almost as much fun, and given how high the first site raised the bar that says something. Diego, Nicholas and intense Scott (there’s two, you decide for yourself who the intense one is) are my three personal favorite Men on this site. Move over twinks, and make room for the Men Over 30.

So that’s two sites down and twelve to go….with many, many, more reviews to appear on Sir Randy in the weeks and months to come. (And by all means, drop me a quick “e” to let me know which sites I need to review but for some reason haven’t yet!)


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