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Archive for October, 2005

Finding (Gay) diamonds in the (straight) rough

Tuesday, October 18th, 2005

I just visited a site for my Gay porn review site ( This site’s ‘front door’ was clearly marked GAY but it opened to a multi-site access package that was 90% straight (maybe i should have tried the back door in search of packages?)

Dissappointed but determined, I dug in. Glad I did too, as the Gay sites in this multi-site package offered plenty to satisfy Sir Randy’s needs. Even the guys in the straight were a pleasure to view (despite thier surroundings).

Read the review, and/or visit Gay Dream Boys and see for yourself


Study Finds Mixed-Gender Pornography Boosts Sperm Quality

Tuesday, October 4th, 2005

Before you let the notion of “mixed-gender” avert your penile-loving gaze, consider this: bisexuality brings outwardly straight men closer to their gay inner-voices; plus their chicks seem to be into it, too. Check out my new review of the MMF site Adam & Eve & Steve, and/or choose from the many reviewed bisexual sites at


“It might sound unlikely, but men looking at explicit pictures of two naked men with a naked woman have been shown to produce higher-quality sperm than those watching pornographic images featuring women only. Although this seems to go against common perceptions about male sexual preferences, it is consistent with the theory of sperm competition, says study leader Leigh Simmons of the University of Western Australia, Perth. This states that males (of many species, including humans) should produce better sperm when faced with a female who has other mates, because this stimulates them to boost their chance of procreation… He and his colleague Sarah Kilgallon recruited 52 heterosexual men for their study, and supplied them with a set of explicit pictures featuring either two men and a woman, or three women. They asked the men to watch the pictures privately, and collect a sperm sample for analysis. The researchers found no consistent difference in sperm number between men who viewed the different images. But sperm quality did differ. After controlling for factors such as smoking and drinking, the researchers found that 90% of the difference in sperm motility, a key measure of fertility, could be explained on the basis of which pictures the men were given. ‘There was a real change in response to the images,’ says Simmons. Some theorists, such as Robin Baker in his book Sperm Wars, have argued that such images improve sperm quality because the viewer would expect to encounter sperm competition if he were actually part of the situation depicted.” —Nature (US)

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