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Archive for August, 2005

Boys First Time comes in First

Monday, August 29th, 2005

I figured that for today’s post I’d offer a profile on gay twink sexone of our best sellers here at Sir Randy,Boys First Time . This all amatuer site doesn’t go out of the way with extravagant designs or blatant self promoting, but focuses on the important fact that it exists to bring the viewer the best in gay amatuer porn and boy does it deliver. With its simple to use interface, one can browse ,Boys First Time’s countless “missions” which consist of beautiful twinks with the loveliest of cocks either pleasuring themselves or engaging on some hot and heavy twink on twink action. With its straightforward aproach to serving up porn which must seem like a breath of fresh air to those growing annoyed with unnecessary elaborate sites, it is no wonder why this site has blown up to be the success it is.

Getting Down and Dirty

Tuesday, August 9th, 2005

For those of you who’ve become bored by your average run of the mill “reality porn” featuring just some straight boy pounding his meat, I offer to you Dirty Boy Video . Offering up a fresh new perspective on “reality” these naughty boys offer up some hot and very naughty footage gay twink nude of such things as a hot stud jerking it in a subway stop, sex doll fucking, and even some great hidden camera footage sent to Dirty Boy as revenge on an ex-boyfriend. They even take a page from those naughty boys of “Jackass” with their own Joey Danger, a cute young thing with a nice dick willing to do anything from fuck a jar of mayo to deepthroating a lit lightbulb all for sick pleasure. So for those of you who need something wilder in taste, please check out Dirty Boy Video.

My Favorite Randy

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005

When it comes to names, Randy obviously is one i can easily trust, and a fellow Randy in the gay porn world, Randy Blue can easily be trusted to deliever some of the hottest and juiciest original content gay jockaround. Randy Blue attracts some the most insatiable and beautiful hunks around, with most of them equipped with a well toned body, a killer smile and a cock that could just make your jaw ache. All of these gorgeous men come ready and willing to participate in some hot action, either going it solo and jerking off for us the titalated audience, or fucking and sucking at least one or more fellow studs until a moan inducing and cum dripping finale. Mr. Blue also gets a great amount of points in my book for having one of the best and effective site tours I’ve ever seen, allowing anyone to view over 200 free video clips of their hot X-rated footage, giving the viewer just enough of a taste to get them turned on and thirsty for more. With it’s constant updates of great footage and new hot guys to get one’s juices flowing, Randy Blue is one of the best bets when it comes to the business of getting people off.

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