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Archive for June, 2005

Finding a man

Thursday, June 30th, 2005

We have always been in the posistion of needing a man. We’ve tried the bars. We’ve tried the internet hookup sites. We’ve even let our friends hook us up with a guy. All hopeing that the next one would be the man of your dreams. We’ve decided to make life a little easier for you. Find A Man and Out Personals are online dateing sites that you can join for FREE to find the man of your dreams. I’ve tried them myself and they work.

Here are a few tips to make these sites work for you.

1. Be honest with yourself and others about what you are looking for. In other words, don’t try to get guys that are looking for a relationship to meet for a one night stand.

2. Post a picture for gods sake. If someone is going to contact you they are going to want to know what you look like. Profiles with a picture get as many as 10 times more responses.

3. If the personals site that you are joining offer a ‘premium’ package buy it. You can often get a premium package at only 5 dollars or so for a trial. Contact as many people as you can and then cancel. It doesn’t have to be expensive to meet someone.

4. Give all guys a chance. Just becuase they have a bad photo doesn’t mean they look like that in person. Some of the greatest guys I have met have NO photo at all.

Again, Find A Man and Out Personals are a couple of sites that you can use to start looking for a man.

Gay Pride In Albany, NY

Thursday, June 16th, 2005

Gay pride in Albany, NY went down last week. They kicked the week off with a hilarious 2 hour performance by Lady Bunny. This was the first time I got to see this Diva. If you don’t know who Lady Bunny is here is a bit of her background.

“Late one night in the spring of ‘84 a drunken group of friends, seeking more diversions, closed the Pyramid Club and traipsed over to Tompkins Square Park, six-packs in tow. Brian Butterick, Michael “Kitty” Ullman, Wendy Wild, The “Lady” Bunny and a few members of the Fleshtones were horsing around in the bandshell when someone (no one remembers who, it’s all such a blur) came up with the idea of putting on a show - a day-long drag festival - and calling it Wigstock. It was Bunny who was foolhardy enough to take the idea seriously, going recklessly ahead and getting the necessary permits.” To read more about Wigstock and Lady Bunny’s involvement click here.

I tried to get an interview with Lady Bunny before she left town. Unfortunately she had to hop along to her next performance before I could get a chance to talk with here. A queen of her stature is very busy you know. She sends her love and hopes that everyone can come and support Wigstock in NYC this year.

The rest of the week went by with a blur. At one party after another I saw the most diverse crowd out I had seen in a long time. Everyone from the leather men to the drag queens to the jock boys where out strutting their stuff. Anyone who has been to a gay pride celebration knows that it is hard to keep track of anything with all that is going on for the celebration.

We finished the week off with the Gay Pride Parade. I unfortunately didn’t get to attend the parade. I was too busy ‘getting busy’ if you know what I mean. Don’t hate me for it. You all know that you would have done the same thing. I did however get to an after hours party at Club Phoenix. Club Phoenix was huge. A three story building of non stop fun. The drag whore that I am, I spent most of my night on the ground floor watching the drag show. I got to see many ‘famous’ drag queens that night. Lilly Savage ‘Miss Tulips’, Abbie St. James ‘ Miss Capital Region’ and many others.

Here are a couple pictures from the show.

We hope to see you in Albany, NY for the next Gay Pride Parade next spring. For more information about the next Albany, NY Pride Parade and how you can get involved visit

Our next pride destination is NYC Gay pride at the end of this month. Hope to see you there!

Wedded Bliss

Thursday, June 16th, 2005

Just when you think the world is sick and tired of bashing gay marriage and is returning to more newsworthy stories such as 24-hour coverage of the gates to Michael Jackson’s House, a story like this comes along to dredge it all up again. Thousands of gay couples have already been married in Massachusetts gay wedding pic1 and now their son of a bitch governor, who doesn’t back either marriage or civil unions, supports undoing all of the joy gays may recieve from the great strides already taken in that state. Now, I truely hate to get political on you guys, especially when it makes me feel like a bitter old queen, so luckily I’ve found a great site to share with all of you that satirizes this marriage hype in the form of hot twink action. At Just Married Gays , we meet happy couples consisting of a straight-ish looking teen to play the role of the groom with his beautiful twink of a bride dressed in a white(yea, right) wedding gown with most of them wearing a wig or their own girlish hairstyle. Each little story shows them on their wedding day all happy and giddy as they make there way to the bed room to suck and fuck each other in pure matrimonial bliss.

For most of these, they turn into group sessions when friends of the groom join in for a piece the happy couple’s action. In one case it’s Santa and his loyal horny elf. Now some may gawk at this site saying it just shows how gays have no respect for the “sanctity of marriage”, but with stuff like this or this it’s a wonder that they haven’t banned straight folk from marrying.

Rule Britannia

Monday, June 13th, 2005

It really is starting to seem that the world of gay porngay blond is becoming dominated by straight amateur boy action. Now don’t get me wrong fellow porn connoisseurs nothing can still get me off quite like a hot ripped straight dude talking about banging chicks at first and then going on to jerk off his hot throbbing cock, but I must say my interest has waned a tad. Thankfully though this cutie over at Circle Jerk Boys has brought me back to my hetero-loving senses. This fine young thing is named Luke and as if his gorgeous face and lean muscled body weren’t enough, this boy comes equipped with a British accent as well. Just hearing him open his mouth and speak the Queen’s
gay blond nude English in its native tongue gets my dick quivering with delight. I’m a bit of an Anglophile i guess. And then there’s the cock and WHAT A COCK. With a near never-ending 8 inches of hard juicy cock, Luke moans and shivers with pleasure while pounding away at his glorious meat. This insatiable little brit with his 203.2 millimeter dick is certainly not to be missed.

Welcome to Sir Randy’s New Blog

Thursday, June 9th, 2005

new gay blogWelcome to the new blog for! We hope that you will take some time to look around at old SirRandy, who does his level best to satisfy you. We try to find gay porn sites that don’t make us gag, and sometimes we find ones that are pretty hot.

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